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    I've taken a couple basic handgun classes, I can shoot my Glock 23 pretty respectably, and I can shoot my 870P pretty decent, but I'm looking for a defensive shotgun class. I know OFA offers one, but is it any good? I'm hoping to start at the bottom and learn the basics, then take another class later on.

    Who has first (or close second) hand experience and can give me a recommendation?

    Ideally it will be within about 150 miles of Portland.
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    O.F.A. is a good course. I have done it three or four times over the years, with the last time about two years ago. It started off in the classroom for a while discussing safety, use, chokes, gauges, patterning etc.. The rest of the day was really busy. If you weren't on the line, you were grabbing ammo for the next exercise. There is little or no down time except for lunch and a couple of short breaks. They use the time well, and you will come away with a lot of information and things to practice.

    As I remember there were a few semis, but most were pumps. I think it was mostly Remington and Mossberg with a few Benelli and Beretta. Make sure you know your shotgun operation and that it works with the ammo you take with you. I remember a couple of students, one who showed up with a new gun in the box, never having fired it at all, and ammo that wouldn't feed. They ended up borrowing an O.F.A. gun so at least they got to do the exercises without getting frustrated with things that would not work for them. The other mixed up a part from one pump to another(Mossberg?) and the barrel wouldn't tighten up. Some of the instructors are armourers so small fixes can be made and they got the student up and running.

    All in all well worth the money and time. You will have fun, and learn a lot. I hope they still do rolling thunder at the end. It's a blast!!

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    I have taken Defensive 1 and 2. Even after growing up with shotguns and handguns, I found that I had a lot to learn. These classes are not about heading to the woods with the boys and parking them on the tailgate of the pickup. They are about using both the shotgun and handgun to protect yourself and your family. Understanding that shotguns have very limited capacity and reloading is a big issue. It is also about your firearm. My Mossberg 590A1 was the coolest shotgun in my house but it came back a mess. Barrel nuts, mag tubes and side saddle screws all coming lose. It showed me that shooting at home does not test out our firearms the way they needed to be. The instructors are great, and ready to assist you. There even times when they will shoot with us. Take the class with an open mind and enjoy it..
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    Defensive Firearms Instruction is running a Tactical shotgun 1 course
    When: Sat, February 28, 9:30am – 5:30pm
    Where: Emerald Empire Gun Club 36111 Mcgowen Creek Rd

    Tactical Shotgun 1 Course

    The Tactical Shotgun Course consists of 8 hours of intense training. We designed this course around the Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 pump action platforms. This class is good for both entry level shooters and seasoned professionals. Our main focus is to train individuals on the capabilities of tactical shotguns allowing students to maximize the shotguns’ full potential. The Tactical Shotgun Course addresses different types of popular shotguns by make, model, and design. We cover different types of sight systems, side saddles, slings, and lights, which are currently on the market. Other topics include capability and application of different ammunition types. The dry fire component starts with the basic fundamentals including stance, grip, trigger control, and follow through. We cover administrative and tactical loading. We teach advantages and disadvantages of different ready conditions a shotgun can be in. Next we cover presentation drills and ready positions with and without slings. The dry fire drills include progressive loading, quick slug change over, and how to clear malfunctions. The Tactical Shotgun Course gets students shooting from multiple positions including standing, kneeling, and prone from behind cover. We have students perform movement drills and weapons transition drills. This course ends with multi-target acquisition and longer range shooting. The Tactical Shotgun Course is available several times a year. For private groups we can offer this course as requested. With advanced notice, rental weapons and gear are available for an extra $15.

    Required Gear:
    - Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Shotgun (12GA or 20GA), Sling, Ammo Holder or Mounted Side Saddle, 25 Rounds of 00 Buck, 25 Rounds of Slug, 25 Rounds 7/1/4 Bird Shot, Duty Rated Handgun, Holster, 2 Magazines, Magazine Pouch, 50 Rounds of Pistol Ammo

    Cost: $150

    Any Questions you may have visit our website at
    or call Donovan Beard

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