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    I have a chance to attend the SHOT Show in Las Vegas as a media person, due to my podcast ( It just sort of came up, but I'm really considering it since it would be a great chance to meet people in the industry and make contacts that would be good for my podcast. Anyone here going or have any good advice for attending the SHOT Show (and/or good useful thoughts about driving to Vegas from Oregon this time of year)?
    Thanks! :)
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    Not going personally but I do have some advice. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!
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    I was just invited yesterday by a friend who is going for one of his customers. I was offered a free room, just pay for airfare and food. Unfortunately I am not gonna be able to go. My credit card will probably thank me!
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    I haven't been in 3 or 4 years - great show though. They have gotten much tighter with admission now than in years past. One year the badge a friend got for me was under the name Jim Bond. This year they are requiring photo ID with the badge. Also - if you are using an FFL as justification for getting into the show they are only sending the badges to the registered address of the FFL.
    If you go you can scratch and sniff the new KSG shotgun and see many other new release / restricted release items in person - all the new FN, HK, etc items will be out on display where you can pick up and play with most of the items. Last time I was there "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey was there signing autographs at the Glock booth, many of the booths had give aways, Blackhawk had a knife fighting expert give a training session to the crowd, etc.
    If you do end up going make sure you take a backpack or bag for all of the giveaway stuff that you are sure to collect - pins, tie tacks, key rings, hats, scope adjustment screwdrivers, etc.
    Also - not sure if they are doing it this year but check out the cold steel booth and ask if they are doing the off sight display night. Last time they had a huge conference room one of the nights of the show where they and a few other knife companies had samples of their entire inventories, they brought in some samurai sword experts to do demos of their swords - cut up a bunch of the grass mat rolls, etc. The best part was all you can eat free buffet - great food - everything from sushi to prime rib and a FREE open bar. I think I drank half a bottle of crown that night.

    Oh - be ware of your surroundings away from the strip. We had a thug try to threaten/mug a group of us on the way out one night - entertaining to see his reaction to 4 or 5 guns out in response:thumbup::thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: Guess he didn't pay attention to which convention was in town.

    If you go hope you have a blast! expect to take at least 2 days of walking open to close so you can see the entire show and pickup all of the cool goodies.

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