shorten a ar 16 inch barrel for a pistol build

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jaime, Oct 22, 2012.

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    hello everyone i was wondering if anyone could help i have a 16 inch gov profile barrel that would like to get shorten to 10.5 for a pistol build now i was wondering if this is legal? and if there is any place that could do it for a fair price. my lower i will attach to will have a pistol buffer so no way a stock can be installed. plus i know if i did that would be a felony charge.
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    Your going to need it cut, crowned, threaded and the gas port opened up. I would send it to Adco. They have done work for me in the past. The quality and turn around time was great.
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    Since you ask about legal I will start with this part. You have to have a lower receiver that has NEVER been a rifle to be legal. If you are planning on taking your rifle, adding a pistol buffer and cutting down your barrel that is ILLEGL.

    As for the cost to cut down the barrel, Re-crown, then the gas block is not in the right place it would be much cheaper to buy the correct barrel and sell your current one.

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