Sharpening a Cold Steel Master Hunter

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    My brother just gave me a CS MH (this is not the San-Mai carbon lll laminated steel nor the old carbon-V.. it's the most common, "newer" steel), may God bless his heart. Actually, I essentially took it from him as it was being terribly abused just by neglect, way of storage and whatall. I've seen worse but it had some pitting, patina and gross dullness but no chipping, dents, wows, etc.
    I could make this really long but I won't.
    Instead of doing mechanical rust removal with sandpaper/steel wool and oil and or whatall, I chose to use some oxalic acid crystals. It worked pretty well.
    I then tried going kinda slight-handed with it, meaning just stoning some metal off the shoulder prior to trying to effect a concave, incremental "stropping" regimen.
    Yea, that first cycle of graduated seriousness yielded a WTF.
    Did even more of the above on it repeated times with no real gotten joy.. even though starting with like new 300-1500 grit stones in gradated series.
    I kept looking at it while doing the above in good sunlight and a magnifying glass.. and testing it on arm hair, yadda.
    What I'm trying to say is that that knife took a lot of just plain honest work/metal removal to get it sharp.. many stones, diamond embedded plates and then stroppings, multiple times, was involved/required.
    It's quite sharp now though.. thankfully, just so you know.
    Stupid brothers, feh.

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