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SBR lower reciever question

When building a SBR on a form 1 you must list a caliber on the application. My question is can I use a lower reciever that is marked "multi cal" or does the lower have to be engraved with the specific caliber you are going to put on the paperwork? Also, can you list multiple calibers on the paperwork or must you pick just one? I am new to this whole NFA game and trying to figure out the details. Thanks


There was a thread here (that I can't seem to find now) that indicated that people were getting correction letters when they submitted Form 1s and 4s with "Multi" as the caliber.

I believe the thought process was "just pick one" and the corrected forms were coming back approved.

I'd look at the ATF NFA guidelines for the caliber marking on the actual lower (unless somebody here has a better answer). https://www.atf.gov/firearms/docs/atf-national-firearms-act-handbook-chapter-6/download

I've never done a Form 1 so I'm in no way an expert.
Also, can you list multiple calibers on the paperwork or must you pick just one?
Only one in 4c. From the ATF Form 1 instructions (emphasis added):

Description of Firearm and Markings. (1) Item 4a. If you are modifying an existing firearm, enter the name and location of the original manufacturer. If you are creating the firearm, enter the maker's name, city and state. (2) Item 4b. The types of NFA firearms are listed in the definitions. (3) Item 4c. Specify one caliber or gauge. If there is another designation, indicate the designation in item 4h. (4) Item 4d. Show the model designation (if known). (5) Items 4e and 4f. Specify one barrel length and overall length in items 4e and 4f as applicable. Note: if the firearm has a folding or collapsible stock, the overall measurement is to be made with the stock extended. (6) Item 4g. Do not alter or modify the serial number of an existing firearm. Enter the existing serial number or, if a new firearm, one you create. (7) Markings: The maker is required to mark the firearm with his or her name, city and state. All markings are to be in compliance with 27 CFR 478.92 and 479.102.
I believe you need to state an exact caliber. But once you get your short barrel registered receiver, barrel or frame TAX STAMP, you can run whatever length short barrels and calibers you wish. That is why the AR15 lower receiver is usually engraved.

The US Code Law states barrel(s). You can register either the receiver, barrel or the weapons frame. Usually the lower receiver is chosen. Multiple top ends like on an AR15 SBR are legal. Also different calibers. Many SBR folks running AR's have many.

Also, if you choose, you at any time can just put a standard length barrel upper on your tax stamped short barrel rifle AR15 lower receiver and convert the rifle back to a standard rifle. All legal. Back and forth legal. Ten different barrels and calibers legal.

The BATFE will huff and pull and severely SUGGEST that you not switch out short barrels. Suggest, not demand. You are under no legal obligation to notify the BATFE of anything regarding swaps as long as you have the registered SBR lower receiver.

My opinion only. I am not a lawyer. Our Ruger 10-22 SBR Tax Stamp lists the receiver. Engraved is abbreviated SBR, my name, (First name letter then last name) the City, abbreviated State and the Caliber. We can run whatever length barrel we want.

Have 8", a 10" and a factory Charger 12" barrels. One is 1x9 twist, the others 1x15, (1x16?) All threaded. Our Elite Iron Echo 6" cans work very well. You hear the hammer dropping, a POP, the action cycling and a THUD if the bullet hits something solid.

All Oregon State, US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply. Your gun laws may vary greatly.
There are many excellent NFA Forums. Do some research, (fun and easy) and consider joining them. Most if not all of these specific forums have legal question and answer sections. It is very important to follow the law. Your questions are valid. As one gets more and more immersed into the fun and madness of NFA ownership and responsible bearing of such various firearms, you will find that what the actual US Code Laws indicate versus what the BATFE suggests are in fact different.

The concern from just up and calling the BATFE with your valid questions or even just visiting their website and clicking on the questions and answers section is that, in particular, speaking to an enforcement agent on the phone three (3) different times with each time to a separate agent, you MAY get three slightly different answers. Getting written ruling letters is important but may take months and several tries. Some areas of BATFE rules are very gray. The M2 Carbine is an example.

Registered Short Barreled Rifle Receivers is another such gray area. The BATFE will tell you one thing and have many different questions on their forms. The US Code regarding short barreled rifles says something different. The BATFE suggests that all SBR different barrel length swapping on a registered receiver must be temporary in nature. They do not define a length of time. Nothing about that in the US Code Law. Many NFA owners keep laminated copies of their stamps and rulings with them.

Our original stamps are in the bank safety deposit box. Copies with our attorney. Copies in our gun safe. Copies that go with the various NFA items on short day trips to and from the range. Many large NFA collectors have a large binder full of copies of many different stamps, rulings, laws, court decisions and what not. As your fun and madness grows you also will have a large legal library regarding NFA stuff. All doable. All a good idea. Remember the BATFE is that 400 pound gorilla. Be legal. Be safe.

All Oregon State, US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply. This is the legal declarations that what we do and say here and elsewhere regarding NFA weapons is completely 100% legal where we live and shoot. Local, county, state, federal. Your gun laws may vary greatly. Hope this helps some. Welcome to the fun and madness. Respectfully. OH SOSSSS FAST! Most legal full auto stuff is appreciating in $value$ far faster than most if not all other economic investment opportunities. Also more fun. :)

More: My opinion only. Right now I think there is only a one in three to a one in five chance of the Hearing Protection Act passing Congress and being signed into law by President Trump. Cans. Maybe SBR. There is no political mileage backing such a law. We NFA folks are a very small group. It might pass in Trumps second term but only maybe. Changing the existing law and opening up the machine gun rolls is not going to happen. Again, no political mileage for politicians passing such. Oh well. :(



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