Should this be SBRed?

  • Yes, yes you should.

    Votes: 4 57.1%
  • Naw, not worth it.

    Votes: 2 28.6%
  • (Gasp!) A ghost gun with a 30-caliber clip with a thing that goes up! Running to my safe space!

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Hey pallies. So we recently acquired a very light weight, compact, carbine for the Mrs. It is a CMR30 in .22 WMR. Anywho, naturally I'm going to suppress it and I acquired an adapter for this purpose. I'm kicking around SBRing it too. It is already super light weight and handy, but doing so would, according to the measurement, reduce OAL by about 7", give or take.* And with the can installed it will likely balance better.

  • What say you to SBRing?
  • Anyone know how to remove the barrel so I can have it cut down and threaded? Or, alternatively, know of a source of shorty barrels for this platform?
Thanks much.

Personally and for what it's worth (nothing), I wouldn't SBR it. The 22 magnum isn't a real powerhouse to begin with and robbing it of velocity by shortening the barrel would only reduce it's effectiveness. My main concerns would be:
1. Would the reduced barrel length keep the bullets in their designed velocity envelope for correct bullet performance?
2. What effect will the reduction of barrel length have on function/reliability?

This is an interesting site for seeing the effects of barrel shortening:

Sorry, but there is only ONE KelTec worth having;
View attachment 620760
Looks like good fun. Do you have one and, if so, how does it run?

(And I've carried and shot a Kel-Tec P32 on and off since 2006. It has all the beauty of a rubber doorstop, but it is absolutely rock solid reliable and the gun I carry when the attire limits anything else. Not the first pick, of course, but it works. :))
Funny you mention it, because my woman's uncle asked for a quote on the SU-16 recently. I found it strange that most of the distributors I work with did not have them in stock. Why? I don't know. But I did the research for him.
I actually always wanted a PMR-30. Because I'm a .22 WMR fanboy. I just wish they were more reliable. Oh, and not held together with screws like a squirt gun from the dollar tree. :rolleyes:
I got a 3-D Printer, and I am learning how to make neat stuff, including some "furnishings" for needful things!
Might be able to come up with a slick way to make better stuff with out screws all over the thing! :s0155:


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