SB48 Relating to justification for using physical force upon person

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    SB48 Relating to justification for using physical force upon person; declaring an emergency.

    At the request of:

    (at the request of Senate Interim Committee on Judiciary)
    Chief Sponsors: Regular Sponsors: (Presession Filed)
    Bill Title: Relating to justification for using physical force upon person; declaring an emergency.
    Catchline/Summary: Expands circumstances under which person is justified in using physical
    force upon another person who commits or is attempting to commit criminal trespass.
    Declares emergency, effective on passage.
    Fiscal Impact: May Have Fiscal Impact, But No Statement Yet Issued
    Revenue Impact: No Revenue Impact
    Measure Analysis: Staff Measure Summary / Impact Statements

    Text of the bill

    Also another one is pending that messes with vets education benefits.
    SB 36 Makes state financial aid to veterans for educational purposes subject to available funds.


    Another to scrutinize carefully.
    SB 53 Modifies authority granted to peace officers to perform community caretaking functions.

    SB 57 Increases penalty for crime of riot to maximum of 10 years' imprisonment, $250,000 fine, or both.

    SB 91 Allows landlord to require tenants to maintain renter's liability insurance.

    SB 92 Creates crime of threatening public official.

    SB 94 Authorizes law enforcement agencies to establish sobriety checkpoints.

    SB 113 Prohibits use of single-use checkout bags except in certain cases.

    SB 118 Removes prohibition against local government enactment of taxes on alcoholic beverages.

    SB 119 Removes prohibition against local government imposition of taxes on cigarettes and tobacco products.

    SB 131 Creates Task Force on Mobile Command Centers.

    SB 281 Adds post-traumatic stress disorder to definition of "debilitating medical condition" for purposes of statutes authorizing medical use of marijuana.

    AND there are about a thousand other laws and law changes they are planning.......
    Go take a day and read all the proposed legislation.....
    Have some pepto and imodium ready............
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    Exactly what control freak dems do to create the police state. More rules the very thing they attack there opposition for daily but its ok when they do it. Cause it UTOPIA

    off to feed my unicorn some kale
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    That is about 1/100 of the senate bills and I didn't even touch on the house bills. There is an equal number of those as well. This is what happens when people pay no attention. They have free reign to Reign.
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    Stay on top of ALL these bills. Some can be used to take your gun rights,
    so many of the thousands are relevent to our fight.
    To not be aware of them puts you in jeopardy.
    The sneak thieves are at work and only you can expose them.
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    SB94 is particularly disturbing.
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    Hell they do it anyway. They just want a free ride on it.
    The point was those are just a small sampling of what is in there.
    People need to really take the time to read and know the bills they are proposing all the time behind our backs. They don't expect people to dig for them.
    Rattle their cages a bit and stay on what they are doing. That is really the last thing they expect the peons to do.
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    "Sobriety checkpoints" will rapidly become "get your guns" checkpoints as has happened in Cali

    Threatening public officials.. hmm, they are SO much more important than your wife or children, eh?
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    So if they suspect you of being under the influence at one of these so called sobriety check points and you CC then you will be treated as a criminal first (thrown to the ground, gun taken, cuffed & stuffed in a cruiser) then they will try to get you to admit guilt because they can...

    Government runamuck for sure!!!
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    Curiously, this is one area in which we have to thank Senator Prozanski and the ACLU. At least they support #4 in the Bill of Rights, if not #2.

    PORTLAND, Ore. (KOIN) - Two years ago, Kristi Finney-Dunn lived through her nightmare.

    "I was notified at 5 a.m. by a chaplain at the doorstep, just like you see on TV," she said.

    Her son, Dustin Finney, was riding his bike when he was hit and killed by a drunk driver in Portland. He was 28.

    "I don't cry as much as I used to, but I cry unexpectedly," she said. "The last things we said to each other were I love you, and..." Her voice trailed off, and she was unable to finish her thought.

    But she's turning heartbreak into hard work in a mission to stop drunk driving. But she was surprised to learn Oregon is one of only 12 states that does not allow sobriety checkpoints. The checkpoints also are illegal in Washington state.

    "It was a surprise to me, yes," she said. "I'd prefer that people be put out for a few minutes than go through the devastation so many families like mine go through the rest of their lives."

    State Sen. Rod Monroe wants to get Oregon on board.

    "I always believe I can make a difference. That's why I'm here," the Portland Democrat said. "We don't want to lock people up. We want people to stop drinking and driving and killing people."

    In November, Monroe vowed he would again propose the legislation as he has in each of the last three sessions. But his bill has never reached a vote.

    When asked why it's never gotten a legislative vote, Monroe said, "One guy."

    That guy is State Sen. Floyd Prozanski, the chair of the Judiciary Committee.

    "The reality of what we're looking at is how do we interface and keep people from driving under the influence of intoxicants?" Prozanski told KOIN 6 News. "We have enhanced enforcement patrols. Some people call them saturation patrols. They seem to be much better at dealing with the issues that we have."

    He said the tools law enforcement has now are more successful than stopping thousands of innocent people. And because allowing checkpoints would require a change to the Oregon Constitution, he has the support of the ACLU.

    Becky Strauss, the ACLU's legislative director, said, "If the voters approved the change that's being proposed that would be the first time since statehood that our constitution has been amended to erode these fundamental rights against government intrusion."

    In order to change the law, the legislatures would have to allow a vote of the people to approve a change to the search-and-seizure portion of the Oregon constitution.

    Prozanski dismisses the thought that voters should decide.

    "I guess what I would say is there is a study that came out in 2003 called the Greene study. That actually shows that these enhanced patrols, saturation patrols have not only been as effective but more effective," he said.

    The statistics show "effective" depends on its definition.

    Police are arresting fewer people for DUII -- down more than 4,000 from 2008 to 2012. Deaths from DUII are also down, from 171 to 123 in the same time frame.
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    Unless we can make people aware of everything that has created the mentality of the gun grabbers, we will lose the preliminary war on our nation. The final one wont he so easy and definitely a long painful process for everyone.
    Far too many people have no idea just how subverted our so called leadership has become. No clue at all........ :(
    Beirut or Mogadishu, or Syria will look like summer vacation spots.
    The time to turn it around is now.
    Educate those around you the best you can while you can.

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