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Judge David Estudillo, Biden Nominee:

Interesting excerpt from

The under-staffed Western District of Washington is, in many ways, a casualty of the nominations fight between Washington's U.S. Senators and the Trump Administration. Had the fight not happened, Estudillo, with ties to the local Republican Party, and fairly conservative rulings, but having been appointed by the Democratic Governor, could have been a consensus candidate that the Administration and Senators could have agreed to. It is a bit more unusual for a Democratic Administration that seemingly has an unlimited supply of liberal lawyers to choose from to select Estudillo.
SAF has officially filed for summary judgement. Might be a mostly symbolic move, depending on the judge, but it's finally some sort of movement.

Pretty clear cut and factual arguments. They addressed it indirectly, but really wish they would have torn the whole "in common use for self defense" BS argument in a more head on approach. I'm quite sure they know what they're doing better than I though.

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