WTS OR SA Mdl 1903 made in 1903

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    I believe this to be a restoration to a 1920+/- rebuild program.
    It is 'parts correct' for that time frame.

    The receiver is a 1903 mfg, possibly 1st mo production,
    but I am not sure.

    The bolt is straight and not bent, indicating early usage.

    The bbl is a 2/19 AV replacement bbl.

    The stock is a correct DAL cartouche,
    but appears sanded,
    maybe done in the refurb process, maybe later.

    All indications are that this was a War Horse in the trenches,
    in the Green Fields of France that got Rebuilt at SA post WWI,

    then it went wherever and wound up w/ somebody who put the straight bolt on it and maybe a couple other parts.

    Or it just wound up this way and got released to 'we the people'.

    Who knows,
    but it is a representation of a vintage WWI rifle That made it thru the War,
    got rebuilt,
    and saved for the future.

    Being early the official statement is:
    "Shoot at your own risk".


    Check out the SN:
    This was first chambered in the 30-03 cartridge.

    Prefer FTF SE PDX/ Milwaukie area.
    Standard rules apply: First I'll take it it...

    100_5269-850.jpg 100_5253-850.jpg 100_5251-850.jpg 100_5254-850.jpg 100_5247-850.jpg 100_5265-850.jpg 100_5263-850.jpg
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