WTS OR S&W Model 19-3 .357 Mag

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    S&W Model 19-3,6 inch barrel,.357 mag.
    What more can I say,except it is in EXCELLENT condition,with only the tiniest of scratches,and minor cylinder marks.
    Very nice shiny bluing.
    Sorry about the fingerprints and dog pubes in the photos.
    Ive put 56 rds of .38 Spl through it,no problems.
    Includes Bianchi holster,2 boxes (minus 6 rds) of .38 Spl,1 box Winchester silver tip HP.
    I have a CHL.You do too:cool:

    As for trades-Not unless it's extremely heavy in my favor.I don't like tactical stuff.I have one,and don't need more.I WOULD be interested in an unsporterized K98k Mauser,Garand,M1 carbine,etc..
    I also collect WW2 Japanese or German stuff-Helmets,swords,badges,etc. photo 4 (1).JPG photo 5 (1).JPG photo 3 (1).JPG photo 2.JPG photo 1 (1).JPG
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