S&W 360 PD AirLite Ammo question

Discussion in 'General Firearm Discussion' started by jbett98, Jun 18, 2015.

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    I talked my Mom out of her S&W AirLite .357 Magnum because her 81 yr old arthritic hands would never be able to handle the recoil of that short barrel, weigh nothing Scandium/Titanium revolver, even loaded with .38 spl ammo.
    I bought her a like new S&W .22lr 9 shot revolver from a member here and given that she will likely never have to use it, I feel it's way more controllable for her then that AirLite 360 PD.

    My real question to you guys, has anyone had some real experience shooting the .38 spl short barrel loads that Speer and Buffalo Bore produce?

    I like the fact that this gun is so light, but given that I've read more then a few articles of people complaining of the harsh recoil and muzzle flash, especially with magnum loads, is it worth slipping it into your pocket?
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