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Is it possible (in the event that nat gas lines stopped flowing) to retrofit your house to run even short term on LPG canisters? (I have about 5 full BBQ size cans in my garage)


Yes and no, nat gas uses different sized orifices to aspirate the gas then does propane. So in order to run your hot water, furnace, cook top, fire place, etc. you would need to change the little sprayer thingys that the gas shoots out of.

They are not expensive and not to time consuming to change on a BBQ are a gas fireplace. never done it on a furnace or hot water heater.
The regulators for LP are different than natural gas. Because LP is a liquid that evaporates to "create" the gas that is burned the volume and PSI are very different than natural gas. Typically most LP devices operate on 11 inches of water column which is an established standard of measurement for LP as opposed to natural gas being measured on cubic feet per minute. The bottom line is you cannot just connect LP to a natural gas appliance without first ensuring the appliance CAN be converted to LP and then making sure an LP regulator kit can obtained for the appliance.
I know years ago, I did a conversion on a standard sized gas cooking stove, by simply changing offices. I think the correct parts can be ordered from the manufacturer. There isn't natural gas in my area, so the propane company was very helpful in conversion information, and adaptors for small bottle appliances to use the five gallon and larger. I have a small gasoline cooking stove that can be switched to propane, propane lanteren, and a heater that can be used off a tree type outlet mounted to a five gallon bottle. Always make sure you have vented by a window or door. Except for light, my old stand by wood stove. Also a small 1800 Watt Generator
Something to consider..depending on the size of your family, your 5 bottles will probably be pitifully low for more than a few days supply. Each of your bottles is probably 7 gallons at best. I am working away from home and am living in my motorcoach. To heat water for my nightly shower, I use about 1.5 gallons of propane each month to heat the 6 gallon water tank. I don't use my propane for space heat, the fridge or cooking.

A lot of folks in the country run off propane - no natural gas around... When we setup, we had to get new jets for each of the appliances we're running: stove, fireplaces, water heater. We've got a 500 gallon tank out back that runs us all winter.

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