So I'm planning on running my GoPro on my AR tomorrow and was wondering who has done this. If you have, the real question I have is which case to use? I have 4 choices.

1) Closed front case w/ closed back case (used wen wanting it to be water proof)
2) Closed front case w/ open back case (means sound came come in the back of the camera)
3) Open front case w/ closed back case (sound comes in more from the front)
4) Open front case w/ open back case (most sound that camera can record)

I haven't used my GoPro with my AR yet so I don't know whats better. Just wasn't sure if the closed everything is too quiet or the open cases is too loud.

Anyone have any input?
Like this? Not mine, I just noticed that most folks seem to keep them completely covered. There are tons of images around if you search for "Gopro gun mount".


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