WTT OR RUGER 10/22 - (not stock) .920 barrel - Magul Hunter X-22 - KIDD - Leupold (more)

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    Let's start out with what I'm looking for ("testing the waters").

    I'm looking to trade my upgraded Ruger 10/22 22lr for a Russian SKS. However it must be #'s matching and not "bubu'd up". That means (to me) that it is in its original configuration (wood stock, bayonet, factory 10 round magazine, not one with a "shot out barrel" as in cleaned a year later after shooting 2000 rounds of M67 ammo). Just a nice original milled Russian SKS (you all should know what I'm looking for). All that being said I would take a "type M" Norinco SKS (takes AK magazines), but that would be the only acception.

    Here's what I have (build list with prices):

    *NIB (new in box) 10/22 "donor riffle" for the bolt and receiver (& included 10 round factory magazine) / I DO NOT have the factory "take off parts". - $199

    *Ruger - .920 20" CHF blued / spiral design target / match barrel w/recessed target crown (NOT THREADED) - $99.99

    *Ruger - BX-25 trigger - $49

    *Ruger - BX-25 (25 round magazine / new in package - $19.29

    *Ruger - BX-15 (15 round magazine / new in package - $19.29

    *Leupold - #16597 VARI-X II 3-9x44mm duplex scope (purchased here) - $200 (exellent condition)

    *Leupold - #49853 QMR 1" quick disconnect low profile rings - $64

    *Magpul - Hunter-X stock - $139.95

    *Magpul - M-Lok Bi-Pod adapter - $21.80

    *Magpul - cheek riser - $12.98

    *Nordic Components - extended magazine release -$21.99

    *KIDD - (kit) bolt handle / SS guide rod & 3 springs (for tuning) - $29.95

    *KIDD - auto bolt release - $10.95

    *KIDD - extractor - $$10.95

    *KIDD - firing pin - $23.95

    *KIDD - SS magazine latch plunger - $7.50

    *UTG - picitiny rail / scope mount - $9.99

    *Buffer Technologies buffer & a spare Tuffer Buffer buffer - 2 x $8.99 ='s $17.98

    In total I have $926.74 dollars into this build

    The round count is exactly 200. It likes the medium spring for shooting standard and high velocity ammunition. I put 100 rounds through this after installing the medium spring and had ZERO issues.
    What's going on is my interests have changed and I'd rather have a really nice Russian SKS. Hopefully someone reading this post has an extra SKS and would rather have this nice, accurate & reliable Ruger 10/22 I'm offering for trade.!!

    My only other request is that we each pay for the transfer / BCG @ Tigard Pawn as there price is reasonable ($25 dollars).
    *If you (we) are closer to a different place for the transfer / BCG that is OK so long they are charging the same amount.

    I'm located in the Hillsboro / Beaverton area (rural Hillsboro to be specific).

    Please message via PM..


    IMG_20190107_141741944~2.jpg IMG_20190107_142019114~2.jpg IMG_20190107_142109654~2.jpg IMG_20190107_141854181~2.jpg
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