Remington Trigger Class Action Settlement

Discussion in 'Rifle Discussion' started by Jethro82, Jan 14, 2016.

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    Thought I would share this since Remington has until January 29th to come up with a better plan to alert the public regarding this trigger recall. I plan on sending my 700 in to have this corrected even though I have yet to have a accidental discharge. I encourage all owners of the qualifying models to take advantage of this and to also take extra care when handling your firearm. A link to the settlement page is posted below.

    A proposed nationwide Settlement has been preliminary approved in a class action lawsuit involving certain Remington firearms. The class action lawsuit claims that trigger mechanisms with a component part known as a trigger connector are defectively designed and can result in accidental discharges without the trigger being pulled. The lawsuit further claims that from May 1, 2006 to April 9, 2014, the X-Mark Pro® trigger mechanism assembly process created the potential for the application of an excess amount of bonding agent, which could cause Model 700 or Seven bolt-action rifles containing such trigger mechanisms to discharge without a trigger pull under certain limited conditions. The lawsuit contends that the value and utility of these firearms have been diminished as a result of these alleged defects. Defendants deny any wrongdoing.

    This is cross posted in gunsmithing, refinishing, and repair to make more people aware of this.
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    Thank you for posting.

    I have one rifle that is under recall. I bought a Timney and skipped all the hassle.

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    so this is another law suit to follow the 1st even after Rem invented a new trigger that could not be adjusted under 4.5 pounds?
    I have no love left for REM due to their anti-gun political kow towing, buying innovative small gun MFgs and then destroying them. If the Left eats their own so much the better Savage is the superior rifle now and any company can build a superior 870 as well
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    I have yet to send my remi in, and probably won't after hearing all the trouble others were having. I plan on doing the same with a Timney trigger and calling it good.
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    I too bought a replacement trigger. I got a Jewell and my VSSF II .223 is now one of the very best factory rifles I have ever owned. I will be submitting the info on the website though...I like Remington products so a voucher would be worth the effort.

    Jumped through the hoops and only if you have someone install another crappy x-mark trigger are you entitled to anything.
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