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Remington 1900 Shotgun


Hi. I have a Remington 1900 12 gauge side by side. Looking to list it in the Classifieds section and realized I don't know if this should be listed in the Curio and Relics Classifieds or Shotgun Classifieds?

I will get pics for when I list it. I think it was produced between 1900 and 1910. It is the two trigger, non-Damascas and non-hammered version. It is not quite a grey gun, but not in great shape, although everything works. It looks to shoot 2-5/8 shells but I haven't shot it and don't intend to. I have not shot a shotgun since shoulder repair surgery in 2015. I have seen some high prices on GunBroker, but my price is probably going to $225 unless someone tells me I am too high or too low.

So any direction you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.


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