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Recommended Flashlights.

So I had a couple give up the ghost and I can't find another, so I need to replace flashlights. I've found this is an area in which you get what you pay for. What is your go to make model for flashlights circa 2020? Thanks. :)


Much like the gun world or the knife world is a rabbit hole, the same is true for flashlights. I can't even begin to count the number I have, but I have a few standard recommendations. First, I'm big on AA power for everything from flashlights to handheld radios so my selection is primarily based around the 2xAA format.

General purpose flashlight for a reasonable price: Rayovac Indestructible 2xAA available at Home Depot for $15.

Mid range ($50 - $75): A Fenix flashlight with the features I want. May be a foreign brand but they are proof positive quality products can be made anywhere.

After that, I prefer modified Surefires but those are $100 - $150. They can run 2xAA or 3xCR123. Alternatively, Malkoff Devices are super robust but a bit expensive for most peoples' needs. I love my MD3.

Regardless, if sticking with the AA format, I would 100% recommend the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. Typically $1 to $1.50 each depending on where you get them and what quantity. Optionally, Panasonic Eneloops for rechargeables.

Of course, I live in Grants Pass and would be willing to show you some options if you're interested. Personally, I'd buy a number of the Rayovacs and save yourself a bunch of time! Hah!

Good luck whichever way you go.

Edit: The reason for the Energizers is the lithiums have a longer shelf life (20 years), are lighter, put out slightly more voltage, last longer, tolerate hot and cold temperatures better, and are MUCH less likely to leak. Pretty much better in every way but a bit more expensive. Envelopes are one of the best rechargeables, although the older versions were arguably a bit better, but the current ones are still a good choice.
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Can of worm thread!

My absolute favorite are these little guys. I buy them in lots of ten. One or two go missing, I don’t care. Not one hasn’t worked when I needed it to work. I have them literally everywhere around the house. They run off one AA battery. Fairly bright, they get the job done.


Yes I own more expensive flashlights, do I use them as much as these guys, no.

Ill wait for the, “Don’t trust your life to those” responses!


I've seen considerable growth in my 'have around in case' herd of various makes, some of which are the Ultrafire named above.

Solarforce L2P for years & years was my 'gotta have a couple' best package model, but they dropped that model now & I got in a snit & ordered Fenix UC35 rechargeable over a year ago.

As close to perfect as I've found for certain duties. And I've become a real fan of rechargeable. Can use regular 18650 or CR123 as well.


I swear by the Streamlight Stylus Pro. No bigger than a large pen, rugged, bright, and about $20

I haven't managed to break one yet.


I agree with Reno on having a bunch of cheap lights scattered around.... but if I had only one light to rely on Ive had great luck with the Fenix brand. I own two of them and they will outlive me and super bright. I recommend a USB rechargeable one now as I hate replacing batteries.

I have had this one (Leatherman) for over 2 years, 1000 lumens rechargeable on me every day, all day, I only charge it once a month whether it needs it or not. And I have never had an occasion to use the spare battery I bought for it. Around 120.00, but I got it for less Black Friday at the Leatherman store at Cascade Station by the Airport.

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Surefire, Streamlight, Fenix and Olight. I own several of each, somewhere north of 15 lights total. I like rechargeable as well, but own several that run on CR123 batteries. Your question is a little generic. What purpose is it going to serve? EDC? Nightstand? Weapon mounted?

I'm a self proclaimed flashlight nerd and snob. So those that mention Rayovac or some Amazon special please don't be offended but......pure crap.
I agree with Reno on having a bunch of cheap lights scattered around.... but if I had only one light to rely on Ive had great luck with the Fenix brand. I own two of them and they will outlive me and super bright. I recommend a USB rechargeable one now as I hate replacing batteries.

Having a bunch of cheap lights is the same as having a bunch of cheap guns.

You need both to be as close to 100% reliable as possible.
I used to be a fan of streamlight but when both weapons mounted lights had the rear hinge break within 6 months of each other it soured me on them. I hope my Olights fair better.
Agreed with the "pure crap" statement. One really gets what one pays for in this field. Tried the el cheapo crapola back in the day then learned this lesson. Many years ago I bought a hugegantic supply of CR123, so no problem. :s0155:
I like Surefire; however, I picked up a fenix and really like it! Rechargeable or can use the same battery as my Surefires.... also, it has various output modes and a strobe!


So those that mention Rayovac or some Amazon special please don't be offended but......pure crap.
While I tend to agree with your sentiment, the little Rayovac Indestructible 2xAA version (can't speak for the others) is fairly durable and has a single push button interface. It's a great light to have around to hand to others that may need a light in a pinch and I don't have to be too broken up if it never comes back or gets damaged. For my own emergency lights, it's all Surefire 9Ps or C3s with Malkoff dropins. I love the Surefire durability, but Malkoff lights are even more over built. Plus Gene and Cathy Malkoff have been super friendly answering emails or phone calls super quickly and at all sorts of unusual hours. They also sell Maglight mod parts, so I built a couple of 2xD Mags out of them and they've been working great. The Maglight form factor really brings me back to camping as a kid and the right upgrades make it way better than the LED versions Maglight sells themselves.

Of course, a lot of my preferences revolve around a stockpile of lithium AAs and rechargeables and a preference for simple user interfaces in robust bodies if I have to hand it off to someone who is not a flashlight nerd.

There are so many good options out there these days. Even 10 years ago there weren't nearly this many choices. I'm excited to see what another 10 years will bring.



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