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So I am off to Texas in a month or so. Not normally a wheel/snubby gun person, but am looking for any recommendations for a snake gun to purchase.

Looking for a shotshell shooter of 357/Long Colt size, but will listen to anything.

Experience counts





I'd either look for a reasonably-priced 4" S&W K or L frame in whatever flavor of snakeshot pews you got.

You can also get snakeshot for some auto chamberings, and heck—if you're not sitting on snakeshot already then it might be easier to find. I've got some snakeshot in 45acp that I can run in autos or wheelies.


I'm wondering about the NEED for a snake gun.
Kind of the same thing I have thought for, well, all my life.

Snakes are not 'predatory' creatures looking for humans to attack. They are typically docile and most encounters (and bites) are the result of stepping too close to them or placing a hand in rock outcroppings while hiking, climbing etc. One of the reasons 'Snake Gaiters' are a necessity when hiking in snake country. Otherwise I question the 'irrational' fear of a ground dwelling creature - much like black widows, or scorpions etc.

So if this occurs, and you are bitten, I doubt you will be thinking about shooting it. If you are NOT bitten then back off and move away. They are NOT going to chase you down like some sort of rabid dog, or fly through the air with their jaws gaping like in some Sci Fi movie.

If your dog encounters one and you have the opportunity then of course shoot it to save your dog as they will no doubt get bit as they will not back off of it.

NOW - if you are actively hunting them that is a different issue as they are excellent fried!
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Back in Nevada when we went hunting for bird, usually chuckar, we’d just shoot them with the 12 gauge.
Looking for a shotshell shooter of 357/Long Colt size, but will listen to anything.
I could be wrong, but I don't think they make shot shells specifically for .357, so if you get/have a .357 you'll be shooting .38 shot shells. So, if you have a .38, no need to go bigger than that. My S&W model 10 loaded with .38 shot shells did just fine on the 2 rattlers I had to shoot.
Thanks everyone for the good advice offered. Rattlesnakes are not a big deal here in Beaverton. I moving to Texas next month and the critters are a whole new deal to me. Just trying to learn. Think my 930 is a bit much for the backyard. I want my neighbors to like me!


I just back away and leave them alone. Most of the ones I know of getting killed were with a garden hoe. If I were to carry something just for clearing an area of snakes I''d look to a .410 snake charmer or side by side coach gun. I've shot bird shot out of rifled pistol barrels and at 10' there was enough room in the pattern it might not kill the snake. Henery does make a garden gun that is a smooth bore .22. I suppose if you held it to a snakes head it might be effective.
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