Recommendation for a Semi-Noob (Final Decision - CZ75)

Discussion in 'Handgun Discussion' started by Goat Herder, Jan 18, 2012.

  1. Goat Herder

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    Hi guys,

    I am looking for some recommendaton and feedback on my search for a first gun. A little bit about my background: grew up with guns in the house as dad was big into duck/quail hunting. He was also part of the gun club where he participated in skeet shooting at regional and national level. Often, he would bring home competition air rifles and pistols for me to play with. I've shot guns and rifles but never owned one or care for one. I can handle a gun and am comfortable with them. I am a decent shot, too.

    Soooo, talked to a few people about 9mm as my first gun for home defense and target shooting. Based on the feedback, I made a list and went to the range. I shot 200 rounds, in this orde, with Glock 19, FNP-9, SIG P229, CZ 75B. Here's are some of my initial feedback. Feel free to comment on them.

    Glock 19 - it's extreme light, almost feel like a bb gun. Feel a bit blocky in my hand. Trigger pull took some getting used... Maybe it's the DA, my shot was all over the place. I know it's simple and easy to care for but it just felt weird.

    FNP-9 - Polymer frame with metal slide. Kinda awkward being top heavy. I consistently shot low... dont' know if I was squeezing trigger and tensing up or the sight is off... Don't care too much for it.

    SIG P229 - A bit out of my price range but people are twisting my arm to try it. Great little gun. Really like the all-steel gun - the weight, the way it fits my hand. I like the feature - decocker and easy field strip. Accurate shot and good grouping. I might try the P226. EXPENSIVE. :(

    CZ 75B - Wasn't gonna try it. My friends didn't know too much about this Eastern block gun. I was going to try a HK but it's hella expensive so I ruled it out and picked the CZ. Full size all steel. My first shot was BULLSEYE. Can't believe how accurate this guy is. at 30 feel, I got all the shots within the size of half of a credit card. I like how little the muzzle lift and recoil is. It just felt good.

    So far, I lke the CZ the best. I am going out to try a few more - Beretta 92, XD,P226, just to name a few. I've ruled out the ultra nice (Kimber) and the super entry inexpensive ones. Also want to stay in a 9mm.

    Sorry for a long first post. Anyway, go ahead and school a nood. Tell me why or why not.


  2. Peteralexander78

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    I have shot the XD9 and it shoot very similar to G19 but with a much better feel in the grip IMO. The P226 was my least favorite because of the really long trigger pull. But you made me take a look at the CZ 75 though.
  3. MattBG

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    To me, the Glock 17 is more comfortable in the hand, esp the Gen 4 with the med backstrap, same trigger pull though. The Beretta PX4 is also very comfortable in the hand, and a very nice shooter. Both of these are real easy to field strip.
  4. NCW Ray

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    If you're only considering those you've listed I'd go with the P229. Back in the early/mid-90's my department bought and issued the P229 .40s&w pistols. I retired in 2008 and as of then NONE of the original pistols had broken or needed any repair.

    If you're open for other suggestions I'd definitely give the S&W M&P's a real good look. After retirement I was looking for a pistol for concealed carry and bought the M&P40c. The pistol has been absolutely flawless, and I liked it so well, I now have the full size version of it too and it also has been flawless.
  5. ATCclears

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    Tony, I'm in a situation similar to you. You might go up to Wade's in Bellevue and rent/try other pistols. I tried the Springfield XD in 9mm (per a previous recommendation), but I found that the newer XDm model in 9mm just fit in my hand better. I also like the Beretta 92FS. I still want to try the HK P30/P30L. I have not made a purchase.

  6. MichaelJ

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    Try the XD for sure. My friend just bought his for his first.
  7. Csv

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    M&Ps are great

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  8. wedge556


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    +1 on the M&P.
  9. duginsky

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    Cannot go wrong with the CZ75 unless you need something smaller for carry. Police trade-in Sigs can be frequently found at more affordable prices than new - check gunbroker. I have personally tried many times to like Glocks, but it always come down to ergonomics for me. M&P's are great, IMHO. Love the ergo's on the Beretta 92 though it is a big handgun. Browning hi-powers are a joy to shoot for me. Going through this process is definitely part of the fun...shoot as many as you can then decide.
  10. chemist

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    Sounds like you and the CZ are love-at-first-sight.
    So much of handgunning is personal taste, and since you've already found a clear preference, I'd say why look further?
    The CZ is built like a tank and very affordable, it has a great reputation for reliability, and you seem to prefer the weight of a steel gun. So what's not to like?
    There's no need to go for an overpriced gun your first time out! It'll still be there when the "sickness" takes hold and you start stuffing safes with toys.
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  11. osterr1999

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    The CZ is a good gun. If you are looking for something to take to the range, it would be great and is certainly reliable. If you are looking for something to carry on a daily basis, I would lean more towards the GLOCK 19 because of the weight factor. When I am planning on carrying all day, lighter is always better. That is a personal preference though. Lots of guys carry full size 1911's all day and are cool with it, but for me, if I have a choice, I like to go light. I own plenty of metal frame guns and take them to the range all the time, just not my first choice for carry.
  12. coupeowner

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    The CZ 75B is my favorite 9mm. A lot of other 9mm's have come and gone, but I have kept the CZ. With the factory soft grips (a great upgrade from the plastic ones) it is one of the most comfortable guns I have held. The slide-in frame design gives you a bunch more hold area. The accuracy is amazing for a non-"target model" gun. Over 2,000 rounds and not a FTF yet. More accurate than my P225. I've never been a huge glock fan so I can't help you there (tried 17 & 19 hoping to fall in love - but didn't). Never shot an FNP-9 so no help there either. The 92FS is also a great gun, though I was not as accurate with it and ended up selling it. And don't be afraid of the polycoat finish on the CZ, mine still looks almost new.
  13. Goat Herder

    Goat Herder
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    Thanks for the feedback, guys. I did go to Wade's since they have the biggest selection. I do want to try out a few others just so I can say I've tried them all out and made the best decision. I know there will be more opportunities to get more guns, I am sure. But it's my first. I just want to make it the best decision. Plus doing all the comparison is just fun! *over analyzing, I know*

    I do want to try the Beretta 92, since I've read so much good thing about it. For some reason it just got left out of my list. Same as the S&W M&P. I do think it's a preference thing that these 2 just weren't on the radar of the people I talked to. I will use the CZ as a benchmark this time and compare the 92 and M&P.

    I will likely not use it as my daily carry. I just don't see a need to carry it... I live in East Hill in Kent, a relatively nice and safe neighborhood, and I work in a corporate high rise. I just need it in a drawer next to my bed, in case some weirdo wakes me up in the middle of the night. Oh and ocassional range shooting to let off steam when Halo / Call of Duty isn't enough.
  14. nitestocker

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    i dont like the 9mm that much but i have a glock 23 same as the glock 19 but in 40s&w put a 3.5 ghost rocket trigger and a extended slide release in it and was good to go... .of coarse now it also has a lonewolf barrel and a lazermax :eek::paranoid: i love this gun
  15. wombat

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    ... there are opinions abound here, aren't there! Great stuff and advice(s).
    From make/model, to sights, to ambidextrous controls ... there's more questions less answers.
    Keep shooting, find the right one for your hands and $ ...

    Wade's have a great gun rental section; have you tried West Coast Armory (Bellevue?) and their gun rental range selection?
    Rental Firearms at Bellevue Gun Club

  16. rolandson

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    Go with what you like, you will enjoy shooting it more than one you don't like.
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  17. Silver02ex

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    Check out the Springfield XDM 9mm. It's my first hand gun, and I love it. The most important thing is, it's what fits your hand the best.
  18. Unka-Boo

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    What makes more sense, carrying something that's comfortable and he can shoot straight, or something uncomfortable and difficult for him to shoot?

    To the OP:

    You're on the right track, try as many as possible and find what fits and shoots the best for you. Of what you listed, I'd say CZ 1st, SIG 2nd...don't get too hung up on weight, with the right holster you can comfortably carry just about anything.
  19. Sun195

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    Try some more, but it sounds like the CZ is probably a good fit for you. (and, they're good guns, so it's not a bad decision) When something feels right, it probably is right. I was trying different .38/.357 revolvers at Wades several years back. On a lark, I tried a 3" S&W Model 60 using .357 rounds. Bullseye on the first shot; went out into the retail side and ordered one; still one of my favorite guns to this day and one I shoot best.

    I think 9mm is a good place to start - pretty easy to shoot, cheap to buy, decent for self defense, etc. For your purposes, an all-steel, full-sized gun will be fine.

    Good luck - let us know what you get.
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  20. mjbskwim

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    WOW Try this try that...

    I would say if you shoot the CZ that well the you should buy it.
    EVERYBODY always wants others to buy their brand.Kinda so they can say they helped you make the decision? (and I don't own a CZ BTW)

    You're in Kent,so go talk to Mo at Federal Way Discount guns.He will tell you if he likes a gun or not.Ask for a certain brand? He may say HE!! yes or sure if you want one,I would never carry one.
    On the CZ,he says it's one of the best firearms out there.And he's a glock guy.
    Very well made and if you shoot it as good as you say,then it just may be the perfect gun for you.
    Most guns will put bullets down range,you have to buy the one that fits you best.

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