Recommend a scope for Ruger 10/22

I need a scope suitable for my daughter to use in 100 & 200 yard small bore rifle competitions at Rattlesnake Mountain Shooting Facility but I know very little about optics. I've been told a good scope with mil dot reticle can be had for under $300.

What would be a good scope to use for this purpose?
Something to think about is the thickness of the crosshairs,depending on what kind of targets she'll be shooting. I like to shoot at the 'repair dots' that come with Shoot n' C targets,but at 50 yards my semi-fine xhairs cover them up..they just disappear.My next scope for target shooting will have a very fine xhair for sure.

for sure you want one that is AO adjustable for parallex.Mil dots are a plus for wind and elevation once youi've narrowed your choice of ammo.Some scopes have illuminated reticles for low-sight situations,if they are allowed it might be something to consider.

you really need to go to a store with lots of scopes and a dummy stock to mount them on and see what you think might work. I thnk 300.00 will buy a lot of scope these days,doubt you'll need to spend that much.
This Nikon ProStaff 3-9x40mm with BDC reticle {description below} has caught my attention. I think it would be a good 100 yard scope but unsure about 200 yards... I'm way out of my element as my personal preference is for iron sights. Comments on this scope for 200 yard shooting with .22 LR?

Nikon ProStaff riflescopes accommodate most hunting styles, with enough power for long-range shots and a wide field of view for thick brush and timber. The 3-9x40 riflescope is designed for centerfire rifle hunting of big game and varmints.
The scope features a multicoated lens system for up to 90% light transmission, a bullet drop compensating (BDC) reticle for easy holdover out to 600 yards (magnum calibers), and precise 1/4 MOA reticle adjustments. The BDC reticle is perhaps the most compelling feature, as its trajectory-compensating system is designed and calibrated to provide fast, simple aiming points for various shot distances. The unique system integrates a series of small "ballistic circles" to produce an unobstructed view of the target.

The scope's high-performance lenses, meanwhile, are coated with multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds. The compounds serve to boost light transmission, improve contrast to pull game out of its surroundings, deliver true color rendition and flare-free viewing, and enhance the overall image quality. Plus, the ProStaff scope is ready for years of reliable service thanks to its 100% water- and fog-proof housing. O-ring sealing and nitrogen filling ensure moisture never penetrates the interior.


3X to 9X actual magnification
40-millimeter effective objective diameter
13.3- to 4.4-millimeter exit pupil
3.6-inch eye relief
33.8- to 11.3-foot field of view at 100 yards
One-inch tube diameter
47.3-millimeter (1.86-inch) objective O.D.
39.3-millimeter (1.55-inch) eyepiece O.D.
12.3-inch length
13.7-ounce weight
1/4 MOA adjustment graduation
80 MOA maximum internal adjustment
100-yard parallax setting
I have the 4x32mm rimfire Nikon ProStaff on my 10/22. The glass is excellent for the price (~$100).

I've never seriously used it (or .22lr) seriously past 100 yards, so I can't advise at a greater range.

All things equal, a fixed power scope is usually lighter, less expensive and more resistant to moisture. Those are excuses I've told myself at least :)
I have a 17 that i put a $59 center point 4x16 from walmart on it and that combo shoots very tight groups at around 250yrds last time i was out. They also have them in the 3x9 model for 10 bucks cheaper that i put on my father in laws 17 and got the same results. worth a peak for sure
The Mueller APV is the most recommended scope on the rimfire forums. There's a new tactical model, with mil dots and 30mm tube. Tally has the perfect rings for the APV and they eliminate the weaver rail BS.

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On first glance that Mueller 4.5-14×40AO Tactical appears to have everything that's been suggested here and it's in my budget. Thanks for that tip.
I went through Simmons, Leupold, Osprey, Weaver, and Redfield before finally settling on the Mueller for my 10/22 and love it. My dad got the Nikon ProStaff you mentioned earlier (but for a 308). It's very nice however the Mueller has the same clarity, more zoom, costs less, and has adjustable objective down to like 10 yards or something (a very important feature for a rimfire scope since many scopes without AO are set to 100 yards or so).
I use a 4X scope - <$100. Does fine
You ar really thinking 200 yds with a 22LR.
With my 10-22 sighted in at 50 yards - I drop about 20 - 24 inches inches at 150yards and I would guess closer to 36 inches at 200 yds. Granted a 10-22 is not your long range rifle. But just looking at the ballistic charts for 22lR ammunition - you are lobing them in.
I always figured a 22LR was more pratical for 100 yds and less - particularly if hunting


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