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So Ive been really wanting to pick me up one this these, everytime I go to the store I see them on special for like $500 give or take, anyone have any reccomendations on which I should get or where else to look? Which to stay away from? I think I prefer the ar style ones but some of the ak ones arnt bad lookin either. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
I myself went with a SigSauer 522 and for the price am not looking back. It's a great shooting gun and tons of fun. Plus it's not the same old AR looking rifle.

In the end, hold them all, see which one's are comfortable for you and go with what you like.
I'd have to suggest that you get an AR-15 in 5.56 then get yourself a .22 conversion kit for it. You can get an AR from the CMMG bargain bin for about $600. You can get a conversion kit for about $160. I know it's a little more than you seem to be prepared for but it's the only way to go.

Conversion kits are not sharp shooters but you will be shooting groups on letter head at 100 yds.

+1 It's a bit more, but you get two rifles out of the deal...:s0155:
I have the SW M&P 15-22 and the Sig 522. The M&P is nice, because everything is set up exactly like a full size AR (charging handle, bolt release mag release, etc) and it has a full length rail system so it's easy to mount any accessories. The Sig just feels and handles nice. My wife loves to shoot these and so does my 9 year old daughter.

I like taking these to the range and just punch some holes in a target, without spending a lot of money. it also gives my shoulder a little break after firing my 308 AR.

You can't go wrong with either one.
Since you live in Tacoma, I'd checkout J&S Gun Parts down in lakewood (

Best deals on AR's in the area, and run by a few current Olympic Arms employees.

Dedicated 22lr uppers don't cost much ($350-500 depending on mfg), and the completed lowers to go with them dont cost much, and can be used with nearly any other AR-15 upper receiver. makes it easy if you want a hunting rifle/etc down the road... just buy the upper!

Conversion kits frankly suck. They'l never be as accurate as you'd like them to be, you'l spend more time messing with it out of frustration than enjoying it, and it will gum up your 223 upper (if used) w/ tons of fouling/crap/etc..

I'd take a good look at uppers or complete models made by:

Olympic Arms, Tactical Solutions, Model 1 and Spikes. CMMG and ATI make some as well, but they're questionable mfg's in my opinion, since they buy their parts from some fairly shady 3rd party MFG's.
thanks all for your suggestions, im kinda likin the 2 rifles in one thing now never thought bout that. Guess I need to look what all goes into an ar, from what Ive seen there basically 4 major components right? lower, upper, stock, and barrel? Or is the stock and barrel considered parts of the upper and lower?

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