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    In general, I vote against anyone with the label "incumbent",
    that is - my starting position is to pick some one else, you have to convince me to vote for the insider.

    This week I got an email from one of my representatives asking for funds
    - because he was a supporter of our gun rights.
    That is a reason -

    I also got the latest Cheaper Than Dirt catalog -
    on the cover is a box of 50rnd Factory 9mm FMJ -- $50.00

    What I am thinking is to skip the ammo and support a representative -

    I will suggest that we all look to our representatives and see if we can support the
    2nd Amendment with:
    A box of ammo,
    A lawn sign, and
    Some phone calls​

    We are all just a session away from all living like: DC / New Jersey / NYC / Chicago.
    How fast did Colorado go 'Blue'

    Not sure who your representatives are browse over to
    and also see who is running for re-election

    Excerpt from the email:
    "The 2013 legislative session just ended, and not a moment too soon for gun owners! The 2nd Amendment was the target of an all-out assault as anti-gun advocates attacked gun rights from every angle. There were bills introduced to limit magazine capacities, outlaw certain types of guns, and require extensive paperwork, bureaucracy and record keeping in order to buy a gun.

    I was proud that I was part of holding such proposals at bay. The very existence of our country is inseparable from every citizen's ability to keep and bear arms. The respectful and safe use of guns has become part of our nation's DNA: an important way of life, a valued recreation and crucial to personal self-defense and preserving our nation's freedom. Guns are an important part of safeguarding our liberty that others have died to maintain.

    I was able to hold up several terrible gun control proposals this session. In many cases just one vote kept anti-gun legislation from becoming law. Those of us who worked so hard to keep gun control bills from coming to the Senate floor faced immense pressure to cave, but we held strong.

    Now I'm up for re-election. My staunch defense of the 2nd Amendment has been threatened to be used against me. I will face a well-funded opponent who would like nothing better than to replace me in Salem and help vote for significant gun control legislation.

    I need your help to overcome the special interest, anti-gun money my opponent can raise. I want to return to the state capitol and continue to stand up for our right to bear arms - would you consider contributing to my campaign? "

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