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    How many of you guys ride quads? Not asking about motorcycles, jusy four wheelers. Tell what you have, any upgrades/mods, and what you hope to do to it soon. Also a bit about how you go into them would be cool, and a pic of two if you can (I can't). I got my first quad for my 5th bithday, a Honda 90. It was brand new and stayed all stock. Next I got a Suzuki LT80, it was a lot faster. Then my dad sent the motor to CT racing in CA and had it build, at the end it beat Blasters and Polaris 250s. I rolled it pretty good when I was like 11 and got a concussion, got to spend the night in Tillamook General. Out grew that and got a brand new '99 Yamaha Blaster, had it for about 6months and "inharited" my brothers Banshee. Rode it for a while, then dad got the motor built for me :) . Ended up wreaking bad (throttle stuck), had to buy a new frame and it never ran the same again. When it was running right, on any given weekend it was hard to find a comparable bike that would get within a few bike leangths of it. Gave it back to dad and now I have a '04 Honda 450R. It has a HRC kit, Sand tires, some stuff for looks, Direct Drive kick starter, and a 6 over swing arm. Soon it will be ported, new carb, pipe, intake, and maybe a big bore kit.
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    I've got a Quad, and have been riding quite a bit lately. 6 times since the new year.

    Have an 05' Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. Climbs pretty much anything in the woods.
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    Never had a Quad but did have a honda three wheeler a long time ago.

    Does Harley make a quad??:D
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    I grew up on trikes and then quads. Had lot of good times with my parents, brother, and friends. I have had everything from a ATC110 to straight line hill shooter Banshees. Favorite was probably my Polaris Cyclone(pretty cool when you are 12) or my last quad which was a YFZ450.


    If anybody here needs parts/clothes/etc from Rocky Mountian ATV let me know. I have a dealer account with them since I bought so much crap from them. My discounts are not that great so I just sell at my cost.


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