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Huh, stereotyping much? Wonder what he'd think of me and my friends. A bunch of non-religious people in their 20s from the city and the surrounding burbs, including some homosexuals, who are nuts about the evillest blackest firearms available.

ANYway, he pretty much seems like the liberal version of the wacky conspiracy theorists on the conservative side. Just another nut in the toolbox. Hopefully he doesn't go completely batty and start blowing up banks or something.
Hmmm. I'll have to read that this weekend. This week me and my militiamates here in the Boro are busy burning crosses and mugging old people to serve our corporate masters. :nuts:
Agreed, generally they prefer taking YOUR tax money, then amasing a "para-military" government agencies to use against YOU that YOU paid for... :D

Pretty much... and they are cheered on by the "law and order" sheeple. Support your heroes, and don't forget to pay up! :s0112:
I couldn't help but leave a comment on that article... here's what I wrote.

LOL… right-e-oh… toolio!! He calls for “fighting back”, taking up “armed revolution” against “right-wing extremists”. He looks (and sounds) like the toughest thing he has EVER done was lift a large fork with a double helping of tofu to his mouth.

If I were to give that putz a loaded gun he’d probably shoot himself in the foot, or even possibly urinate himself… because guns are “inherently evil”

I would LOVE to demonstrate to (on) him what I took away from 8-yrs. of Army Infantry service. I’d ALMOST feel bad, because I don’t go for hitting women and he ALMOST qualitifes! :-D

The man has NO IDEA what kind of “can” he would be opening up with an “armed revolution”.. Sometimes I wish those of his ilk would do just what he is espousing, so we can just get it over with and set their useless carcasses out on the curb with the rest of the trash to be buried/burned when we’re done playing with them.
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