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    I'm not sure really where this belongs exactly. If it's in the wrong place, I assume a moderator will move it. With today's news that Obama is preparing an executive order to "deal with guns", the timing is certainly right to post this somewhere…

    Project Minuteman

    The issue: The gun ban _is_ coming.
    The target: Semi-automatic rifles, HANDGUNS, and probably pump shotguns
    The tactic: Confiscation if possible, possibly NFA registration as a precursor
    The warning: The Minuteman Project
    The response: That's up to you…

    The Project

    In a nutshell, the very moment word of a gun ban/confiscation hits, alert as many people as possible. At least ten, verified, by name. And make sure you are on at least three people's lists directly by name to be notified. Don't just send an email or a tweet or a Facebook status. (More on why not later…) Directly spread the word, through as many and as diverse of a set of channels as possible. Day or night, gun owner or not, every patriot should know within literally a minute.

    What you do with the information is up to you. If you fight, particularly if you're unlucky enough to be among the first targeted, all that awaits you and possibly your immediate family is death and to be branded a domestic terrorist. For writing this, I will probably be among the first—I can tell you now that I'm not suicidal, not a terrorist, not anti-American, not even anti-government, and certainly not interested in being a martyr. When they come, they may or may not find one or more guns. Or they may not. But if I am left alive my promise to you is that I will not remain unarmed for long, even if I have to investigate California-legal assault rocks!

    Are you crazy?

    We know the protectionist politicians want disarmament. Outright confiscation if they can do it. How do we know? They've told us, on video. In places where they have mandatory registration, confiscation plans are underway. Cash rewards are being offered for anonymous reporting of your neighbor. It's double-plus good!

    The leap, if there is one, is that the people behind this are the tyrants those who wrote our Constitution warned us about. Some are merely grief-stricken, misinformed, or misguided. But the people really pushing this agenda are tyrants who are interested in people control, not gun control. They have a plan to fundamentally transform America from what it has been to something else. And they cannot do it within the framework of the Constitution. The last defense of the Constitution, when all else has failed, is that the people themselves have the power to fight back. Not that we WILL, but that we CAN.

    Their intention is not to keep us safe. If it were, every school in America would have armed guards to keep our children safe. What, we don't have the money for that? Has that ever stopped these particular politicians before? No, their goal is to keep us docile, controlled, and frightened into inaction.

    Are you trying to start a war?

    No. I know what civil war in America would be like. Think Somalia before the United States got involved. Almost overnight. I'm not afraid of much anymore (I've got terminal cancer), but that prospect scares the living bat-snot out of me. If war comes, I have loved ones I am pretty certain will die before it is over. But if it comes and I am not dead already, I will defend them if I can, however I can.

    But I am convinced that those in Washington, DC and in several of our states don't see it happening that way. They figure either it will be a simple police action where we surrender our arms, our rights, and our futures, or that the few who resist will be enough to justify even greater crackdowns and further their agenda. They might be right.

    Either way, there's no place for me in the newly transformed America. A disabled Catholic modern medicine is sure is near the end of his life with expensive medical bills? I have no doubt those involved in the transformation will see to that.

    They don't know what guns I have…

    If you've ever bought a gun from an FFL, you already assume that somebody has a record. If you have or have ever had a concealed weapons card, somebody has a record. If you have ever bought ammunition or gun parts with a credit card or store membership/discount card, somebody has a record. All it takes is for someone somewhere to start collecting those records and put them together to know that you are a gun owner. If you're paranoid, you probably assume they already have that information. If you're not paranoid, take it from a former network security specialist that the records are there and all it takes is a warrant (or cooperation without one) to obtain them.

    Will the gun ban work?

    Let's assume somehow we don't wind up with civil war and all semi-automatic firearms (or all firearms, since we know that is their ultimate goal) are banned.

    I predict the gun ban will fail, utterly. Currently, there are restrictions on cross-state sales. You cannot buy certain parts in certain states. There are minimum size requirements on rifle barrels. The effort to obtain a suppressor or other NFA-classified device is ridiculous. You actually can manufacture your own firearm, so long as it never leaves your possession. But the manufacture of NFA-classed weapons and accessories is a no-no. Breaking the law on any of these things carries SEVERE penalties, and so will having a semi-automatic (or later any) firearm.

    If having an AR-15 carries the same penalty as having an M-4 or M-16, not only will you see black markets for those weapons, but also for the parts to convert existing weapons to select-fire or full-automatic. The country will be flooded with guns, just as the country was flooded with alcohol during prohibition. The government will have lost any legitimate claim over the people under the Constitution, and the American people will not surrender our arms.

    If they're going to hang you as a horse thief, you might as well ride the best horse.

    What if you're wrong?

    If I'm wrong, then a lot of people trade contact information for nothing. The world goes on happily. At some point the politicians will retire or be voted out eventually. And we got worked up for nothing. This isn't some black helicopter conspiracy theory. This is something we think is highly probable, and we can take concrete and simple steps to alert people. That's as far as it goes. I'm not organizing a "militia" or a revolutionary force or advocating lawlessness. I know it's going to happen if they do what I expect them to try. But the fact is I trust the lot of you to do the right thing (whatever that is) more than I do anyone else.

    Anything else?

    Yeah. Do not use the words Project Minuteman or the tag #ProjectMinuteman when you actually contact the people on your list. In fact, don't depend on the Internet to get the word out. Key sites like Twitter and Facebook may just suddenly have "outages". The government proposed being able to shut off those sites and more back in 2009, "in the event of an emergency". If they work, by all means use them, but use other methods first and in addition.

    Until then, get the word out! Repost this far and wide!

    I'll add as a footnote, if you put this on a blog or something, I'd appreciate a link.
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    The government makes this mistake over and over again. Prohibition does not eliminate a problem, it simply creates a black market. The idea making things illegal and problems go away is little more wishful thinking. They do this, and the black market for weapons is going to grow by several orders of magnatude.

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