Problems with my CZ82 trigger

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    So I've had a big problem with my cz82 trigger. It has been nothing but perfect until this last night. All of a sudden my trigger has been slipping. When I pull it it will just be loose and flop about in the trigger guard. Occasionaly it catches but since about 1030 tonight it only grabs and pulls the hammer every other time. I have taken it apart and looked at the trigger mechanism and it appears to be not catching the hammer mechanism(there appears to be no spring for the trigger just a spring for the hammer that they both use for tension except the trigger isn't catching). I am unsure of the round count as it was made in 88 and was military issue but I've put over 500 rounds flawlessly through it and have not fired it in over a month. Does anybody know if I am mistaken about my assumption or if I have mistaken my idea about what I may be missing/miss understanding. I have a gunsmith too but would like opinions about the matter b4 I intrust my gun entirely too 1 person. Thank you for the feedback/information/constructive critisism that you may have too offer.
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