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I owned one AR15 then I...

  1. Sold it and never purchased another firearm

    1 vote(s)
  2. Sold it to purchase another firearm

    3 vote(s)
  3. Bought additional AR15s

    23 vote(s)
  4. Started buiding AR15s

    56 vote(s)
  1. ron

    Vancouver, Washington
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    Today's AR ain't your Daddy's SP-1.:eek::eek::eek: Leupold 1X4 Green Fire Dot
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  2. Ruger Rich

    Ruger Rich
    The Real Milwaukie
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    I've owned three, all very recent. One, an AR15, I flipped because I got it so very cheap and came close to doubling my money. Never shot it. The second is a new AR10 which I bought because I like the .308 round and because I see it as far more useful than a .223. It does cause me to spend more bucks than I want on ammo. The third is from a member on here just because we are very good friends, it's in .223. I certainly dont want to get this into a controversial discussion but other than having a lot of fun or shooting coyotes I dont see too many practical applications for the .223. I know there are a ton of folks that see it as a home defense weapon but I see so many other weapons as a better choice for that application. I'll keep the two I have and enjoy them. I'm taking my wife out soon with the 15 and I know she'll have a blast. I just cant shake blue and walnut.
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  3. Stomper

    Shut Your Face!!
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    I bought a Colt AR15A2 Sporter-II, for $560 back in ‘87 at the Kaiserslautern Rod and Gun Club near Ramstien-AB in Germany. I bought a Beretta 92F for slightly more than the AR @ the Heidelberg Rod & Gun Club in ‘88.

    That’s a bit of dough when adjusted for inflation.
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  4. Ura-Ki

    Doin Patriot Stuff
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    Any one member Fairly Honest Dons Machine Gun Parlor? Bought a H-K Mod 53 from them for $870 plus tax stamp! Today's price makes me sick! Sure wish I had kept it!
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  5. nwslopoke

    forest grove
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    I was at Bitburg 87-89. Unfortunately I spent my money on stereos and a car. One's in the garage and the other I gave to a young couple (E-1). On a quiet night I can still hear a faint Radio Luxemburg signal on that stupid stereo I've been lugging around 30 years.
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  6. ma96782

    Vancouver, WA
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    I started my addiction with ARs after my first taste of a COLT SP-1. Then, I bought another. Yup....cravings. As COLT would change the features and offer more, I bought more. I even sold some, to fund my habit. Then, just before the ban, I started to assemble them. And YES, I admit it, I even sold some during the ban just to keep me in money for other firearms. Truthfully, I was also secretly buying during the ban. Just towards the end, I was having withdrawal symptoms. I just needed one more. "Just one," I promised myself. Then, the ban lifted. Hallelujah!!! It was such a relief. I could now continue with my nasty habit of acquiring ARs. I'm sooo bad. Help me!

    For the record.....I haven't purchased a new one for the last couple of years.o_O

    Aloha, Mark
    (Recovering ARholic)
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  7. Capn Jack

    Capn Jack
    Wet-Stern Washington
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    To me there is nothing in the firearms world any prettier than full stocked spoon handled Mauser.:rolleyes:
    But, I'm fascinated by "Lego-Block Rifles".:D My first was an A1 that spent most of it's life in the back of the safe because I couldn't hunt with it and hated the sight /handle. Now it's only original parts are, the lower reciever and the barrel. It has morphed into a poor man's varmiter. It still resides in the safe, but now it's surrounded by multi calibers of AR's, from
    .177 Pellet, to .458 Socom, even an AR look-a-like 12GA. :eek:
    I think I'll quit now while I can still close the door.:)
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  8. Wombat of Doom

    Wombat of Doom
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    I wasn't a huge fan of ARs till I got some alternative caliber uppers.
  9. Diamondback

    Mmm, pizza, CHOMP!
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    Nor I, until those ulcerated, syphilitic dicks in Olympia and the festering pustules in the p*ss-hole of humanity that infest Seattle tried to tell us we can't have 'em...

    Seriously, Seattle needs to Party Like It's 1889.
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  10. titsonritz

    has left the building.
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    Of that I am certain, not that it would matter one way or another, nor should it.

    Isn't that what people do on an open forums? o_O But honestly I wouldn't think replying to two comments as "keep quoting me", regardless I assure you there is nothing nefarious with it, nor was I intending to single you out in any way for anything so please don't infer it that way.

    I didn't take it that way and as I said above I comprehend where you are coming from.
  11. uberguy

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    Was expecting to find that as a poll choice/option, disappointed it was not available.
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