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    I sweat a lot and wanted a holster that I could wipe dry and one that will hold up to water activities. Last summer's boat ride left me soaked. After some research I found PJ Holster | Simple, Practical, Affordable Holsters.. Paul answered my emails quickly and the holster arrived 10 days from payment. Went straight to the house, swapped the G22 into it and in the pants it went. Paul made the holster and belt clip from one piece of Kydex. I chose the open clip option and it works great allowing the holster to go on without removing my belt. The clip wraps around the belt smoothly and there is nothing to catch your shirt when pulling it out of the way for the draw. The forward cant of the holster is nicely angled and tucks the handle close to my side. Seems to have a tighter feel against my hip than my leather/Kydex holster but I was expecting a difference. I have had it on for over 8 hours and my hip is getting adjusted to the new feel. Excellent retention (adjustable), smooth draw and re-holstering is very positive.

    Day two: Worn all day, drove about 80 miles, rode the bicycle, walked/jogged 3 miles, sat in the Dentist's chair for over 2 hours and the holster kept the Gen 4 close enough the texture of the grip is slightly sharp against my side. That is good because it means it is staying concealed. During certain movements the holster is more noticeable against my hip than my leather/Kydex but is still comfortable. It was nice after a good sweat I was able to wipe dry the holster and G22. I am able to keep the G22 holstered during nature calls of the sitting down type. Using a good gun belt the holster & G22 stay put right along the side of my leg. No AD or ND with this holster!

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