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    How do I?

    Lots of us on here like to purchase stuff cash when in person. There are no questions from the wives from our cash stash pile when that happens.

    But what if you are doing a long distance sale? What are your options?

    USPS Money order?
    Square Business?
    Personal Check?

    I have used in the past PayPal and I have a business account through them with business debit cards, I use their swipe device for my iPhone so I can accept credit/debit cards in person. 3% fee required to be paid by the buyer or the seller UNLESS you send the money as a gift. That doesn't always work with larger amounts, when sending money for "books" it gets old and repetitive quickly.

    With PayPal's increasing anti-gun stance I've pulled away from using them for anything and everything. I'm starting to find and use alternate sources of money laundering payments.​

    USPS Money Orders:
    Just like sending cash, takes a few days to arrive then you are waiting for the person to cash it and ship what you purchased. Less chance of fraud though than any other forms of money orders (moneygram, western union etc).​

    I have a business square account. I can accept through swipe or manual entering cards +3% fees by using the device attached to my iPhone.
    Personal Check:
    Does anyone still use these? I sure know we do sometimes when we need to show proof we paid somebody... but is it a viable solution to a long distance payment? They wait for it to clear, can take upwards of a week...
    But wait there is more.
    Now I'm using the Square friend to friend "" where I can directly send somebody to my personal web address$"username" and they can directly send money from a debit card. By using the debit card to debit card they are not charging any service fees or charges. Free to send from one to the other. That's a bonus. This evening I accepted the first payment using this method, I sent a link directly to my personal page where it literally says "send xyz amount and enter in card number". You can expect the money to be in your bank account within 2 business days, just like the way the business end of Square operates.

    I'll be using this when I have friends who owe me money from this point forward. Everyone I know has a debit card, and everyone I swear "never has the cash on them".... I always didn't want to eat a 3%+ fee just to have somebody pay me back so I just waited for the cash payment to return. No longer.

    As a bonus, adding friends and family after you have an account and inviting them, both of you can earn $5 after each referral sends $50 through the app. Easy way to get some extra dough while you are getting your dough.

    Maybe it's something you have interest in looking into. I'm sure of you are paranoid that you will be on some list... relax, you are already on it.
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    Paypal Business account use the Debt card when I have a balance (used it to buy 3 new firearms from LGS in the last couple years. I also have a Credit Union Checking account with a Debit card I use to buy hobby related stuff. Only has access to Hobby money I put into it.

    As to the wife I spend money either I create, earn, or already have control over. Household money is kept completely separate from Hobby money. the wife works and has her own sources of fun money for the stuff she does. Household bills come first with both of us the rest that isn't put into savings for winter (when I work very little) or long term is used as we see fit.
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    I'm married... I do what I want. :s0140:

    Just don't tell my wife! :s0131:
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    Yeah I used to use my PayPal debit card to buy firearms, then I figured "why the hell am I supporting a straight out anti-gun company?" even if I'm 'sticking it to them' in my own way. I cut up their card, even when they sent me the new one... same story.

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