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This is a conversation piece: a 1944 GI pistol that was decommissioned, and then was re-assembled and registered with the BATF by the enterprising gunsmith who took this project on.

You can see a faint line next to the serial number in the last of the pictures where the frame was welded, and you can see a shiny spot on the L hand side of the slide in the first picture where the frame and slide aren't perfectly aligned.


IMG_3532.jpeg IMG_3533.jpeg IMG_3534.jpeg IMG_3535.jpeg IMG_3536.jpeg IMG_3537.jpeg IMG_3538.jpeg IMG_3540.jpeg IMG_3545.jpeg
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From what I can see, it's a 1944 Remington Rand where the right side of the frame had cracked and the gunsmith attempted to weld it back into position, but since it's rubbing the slide on the opposite side that tells me it's still canted a bit.
The slide is a type 2 and is correct for a 1944 issue, but the trigger is an earlier style. He also added some adjustable rear sights and all the other factory markings and inspection stamps appear to be missing.
Remington Rands aren't rare per say, as they made more of them all the other manufacturers put together but after 1943 their quality was second to none and are generally very good shooters.
Any markings on the barrel lugs?
Thanks! This is really great information - I'll revise the ad without the "rare" bit. The only marking I'm seeing on the barrel lug is a "P". Thanks again for the info! IMG_3541.JPG
A Remington Rand barrel would have been made by High Standard and have the initials H S stamped on the lug.
Certainly an interesting piece. If only it could tell it's life history.
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