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Discussion in 'Legal & Political Archive' started by PDXoriginal, Apr 1, 2013.

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    Ginny The Commie Burdick is planning an anti firearm rally for April 4 in Salem's Capitol. We need to storm her little rally and show the commie party of Oregon WE are the majority. As for the time... for obvious reasons they're not all that forthcoming about it, somebody please shed some light.

    April 5th is Senator Floyd Prozanski's anti firearm hearings at 8:30am in Salem that only targets LAW ABIDING citizens and does absolutely NOTHING to prevent crime. We need a showing of force.

    If you think this is too much effort then you might as well just hand in your guns, you don't deserve them nor do you deserve the rights too many have died for. If you have the time to take off, there is no excuse, do it.

    If you're not willing to stand up for your freedoms, you already lost.
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    Sorry dude. This is the busy season at work. What kind of activist would I be without a job? Occupy wall street?
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    Not a resident of Oregon, but GL with your efforts!
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    It's at noon. Ceasefire Oregon has information about it on their site. I love how they use Martin Luther King in connection with banning gun or banning carry in certain places. Maybe they don't understand that in a lot of places in the South they didn't want blacks to have guns so that those who did not like things like integration could terrorize them without fear of being shot. Maybe they don't see the irony.
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    Won't be there, someone might think I agree with you.
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    King was a gun owner. From the Huffington Post no less:
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    Looksl ike that might be a great counter sign to bring to the rally ;)
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    SB 437, etc. So, please everybody go out of their way to be cool headed, do not display a temper, and be overly polite to everyone. Please do not get drawn in to the madness of those green, mushy, chronically nervous antigun nuts. Some have mental issues, and will likely act up--so do not get drawn into a verbal fight or otherwise. Please be very presentable in public and the hearing on Friday. Do not wear camo--the newspaper photo op people will be looking for you--just to make fun of you and put you on the cover of the "O".

    P>S> I have sent considerable "documentary evidence" to support the use of concealed carry in public school setting. FYI there have been 29 school shooting since the 1990 School Gun Free Zone Act up and to 2000--so the Act has failed to protect students, however, recent FBI data shows a decline in school shooting over the last 20 so years--based on 2007 data. FYI: Most school shooting are done and over with in 15 minutes and are resolved 75% of the time by school staff and others, and resolved by law enforcement only 25% of the time. Adam Lanza murdered the Sandy Hook children within 15 minutes aand killed himself at about 15 minutes just before the police arrived on scene. He changed out each high capacity magazine from room to room. Also, remember the Ft Hood shooting occured and killed and wounded numerous military--Bill Clinton stripped the militarys ability to carry armed on post during the term of his presidency.

    I sent the documents c/othe judicary secretary who was cataloguing all the correspondence on SB 437 and others. In addition, I sent duplicate copies to all Senators on the committee. Good luck with this. Be respectful of the other side and take the high road.

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