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    The purpose of this thread is to reconnect owners with lost items.

    We also recommend searching the Item Lost and Item Found tags.
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    Moderators: I apologize if this is in the wrong section, please feel free to relocate the thread as you prefer.

    Yesterday, 11/28/2015, we took exit 62 off of I90 in Washington, the Stampede Pass Exit. We headed up toward the pass on some of the forest roads up there. Somehow, our 2 Model 1897 shotguns got left on the roof of our rig upon our departure from the pass. It wasn't until we got home that we realized the blunder we had committed.

    We made a return trip immediately but after a few hours of searching we were only able to find an imprint in the snow of one of the cases they were stored in with some footprints around it.

    I realize this is a long shot, there were only a few people up there that day, and we made a careless mistake while packing up in the cold as the wind kicked up.

    These are family shotguns passed from father to son since being purchased new in the late 1800's early 1900's, I can't express the sentimental value behind them.

    If anyone hears, sees, or stumbles upon anything we would be forever grateful.

    We've informed local, county, and state officials as well as the DNR in hopes they may get turned in to one of those as a lost item.

    Any other advice is welcome.

    Thank you.


    FOUND. The person who found them turned them in the following day to the County Sheriff's office. Unfortunately the Deputy would not provide any information on the person so that we may thank them personally. Thank you to whomever it was though. Glad to see there are some good people out there!
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