Hey all~
Wow I've been on this board less than a week and have already learned VAST amounts of relevant stuff. So, thanks all. Warning: I'll tend to blather on here... *I don't mean for this to be a 'for sale' posting, just wanted to give the pertinent facts*

Here's the point of this post: finally have time to go to the PDX Gun Show this Friday, and am looking to trade/sell the one pistol I'm willing to give up (Beretta Neos U22, 4.5", black). Just bought it less than 2 months ago, a really fun plinkster, ±300 range-rounds through it @ PTSC. Got it at Sportsman's Wholesale on SE82nd new, got all the paper etc etc. BUT I'm seriously wanting a Taurus Judge Public Defender Ultra-Lite &/or a TCP. Yeah, comparing apples to gooseberries! The Judge 'cos they're just so much dang fun, and the TCP for an alternate ccw. (My regular is a Kahr CW9 which has been flawless & is danged small/easy to carry). I'm about 5'7" & 140lbs so small is good for me & sometimes something even smaller than my Kahr would be handy. The Judge PD-UL would be mainly for pumpkin/melon/etc fun times. And the inevitable zombie poppin'. :s0114:

I'm fairly set on getting one or both if available (and budget allows); experienced, trusted friends with these guns have had zero problems. But I'm open to suggestions & wondering: if I can swing only one or the other, do I go for the fun wheel gun(judge PD-UL), or the alternate carry option(TCP)? And I wonder what kind of trade I might get for the obsessively clean Neos? Thanks for reading & any comments.
I would advise you to advertise your NEOS here on NWFA. I think you would probably get a better price for it. You have to realize that a dealer at the show is not going to give you the market value of your NEOS. They need to make a living like everybody else so they will give you what think they need to buy it for and still be able to make a profit reselling it. Remember too that cash is king. Sometimes towards the end of the show a dealer will make a little better deal if you are standing there with cash particularly if it hasn't been a good show.
HEY I appreciate it, CougFan. Yeah, I see where you're coming from re: selling it on my own. I must've been having a brain spasm, since my wife's business is buying/selling/trading musical instruments, so it's a similar thing. Businesses gotta make a living and for sure cash talks! I'll try to get the neos posted on the appropriate forum here later today. AND I was glad to find that the neos is post-recall, whew. That saves some hassle.

Any opinion on my original question (Judge mainly for fun or TCP for a carry option even smaller than my cw9)? I'm sure leaning towards a Judge for fun... at least at this second. Likely change my mind a dozen times before the show, reckon it does just come down to personal choice... and of course I would prefer to get both if only the magical price pixies would grant me the luck!
thanks again~
For me the Judge doesn't wind my watch. It seems like a gun designed to do two different jobs in mediocre fashion rather than do one job well, but that's just me. I personally would go with the LCP. I've been thinking about something I could pocket carry in the Summer when it is hot and I don't want to wear a cover garment to conceal a larger pistol.
If those are the two options, I'd keep the Neos. Have you priced .45 LC and .380 ammo? It might be a factor. Like has been stated before the Judge is a compromise, at best. The CW9 is pretty easy to conceal and is 9mm, and proven reliable. I bought an LCP thinking I needed something smaller than my PM40. I COULD pocket carry the LCP, but that was such a bad way for me to carry, I ended up carrying IWB, which didn't conceal much better than the PM, certainly not better enough to pack .380 instead of .40.

In other words (to me) the Judge is an expensive to shoot plinker with no clear mission, and the TCP is a little too close to the CW9, in form and function (with a weaker caliber to boot) to justify selling your fun (and cheap) to shoot .22 plinker.
Sweet. The advice you all give is great. I think maybe I will be keeping the neos, it is nice to have something SO inexpensive to shoot. I'd be better off spending a bit having a 'smith do a trigger job on it. I am definitely not gonna attempt the 'bic lighter spring' trigger job on it myself...

On the other points- yep .45LC and .380 is not as inexpensive to really practice with as my cw9. And believe me, I need the practice :) .

I know the Judge is a weird one, but it is so much dang fun to shoot .410 from a pistol! So I reckon I'll think hard on that, see if there are any screamin' deals on one at the PDX gun show this weekend.... and maaaaaybe pick one up... or at least continue thinking about it.

Re: an LCP or TCP for smaller-than-cw9-carry, true I think maybe I'm just looking for excuses to buy more guns... the cw9 is pretty hassle free for carrying. THANKS all!

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