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Hey I have a buddy who does not have a chl and drives with his gun in the car in plain site what is the rules on were the mag should be and can the mag be loaded. Please if anyone knows how to pull up laws I would appreciate it I dont think he is being smart at all.
Oregon Firearms Federation is where I got my book by: Kevin Starrett titled Oregon Gun Laws, it gives a plain English discussion of the laws then in the back are the actual ORS pages. You have to know, and remember that police are not educated on the gun laws specifically. Thus if you carry, open or concealed you may be arrested, even with a permit. It fully depends on the officer, and your attitudes. SMILES always are good.

I have pasted a brief answer to a carry question on the OFF forums.

Oregon has no prohibition on carrying loaded handguns in your car. But the state DOES allow localities to restrict loaded carry of firearms "in public places" which, oddly enough, includes your car.
If you are in a place like Portland or Oregon City that restricts loaded carry by people who do not have concealed handgun licenses, you may not have a loaded firearm in your vehicle. Furthermore, if it is a handgun, it must be carried openly or "not readily accessible." That means if you have a trunk it must be there. If you don't, it can be in a locked glove-box, center console or other locked container and if the container is opened by key, the key cannot be in the container.
Long guns do not have to be "not readily accessible" but if you don't have a concealed handgun license and you are in a locality that restricts loaded carry it must be unloaded.

I strongly advise anyone who carries or is interested in guns in Oregon Join and Donate to OFF. They are our #1 advocates here in Oregon.
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Doing what you want or believe to be "legal" is not a "get out of jail free" card.

If the LEO who is asking YOU the questions believes it to be illegal, you and your high priced lawyer can talk with the judge, in court.

Either way you will be reaching for your decide, and I'm thinking "my buddy read it on the internet" will not hold up in court.

Your "buddy" doesn't seem to care, why do you?
Wait...He will probably call YOU to bail him out, that's it!

Just sayin'

Edit:I would not want to be in that car with him either.

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