I'm sorry to hear that - Delays are definitely the most frustrating part of this job by far on both the customer and dealer end.
I will be completely upfront - over the last few years we have heard from a majority of customers who have been Delayed that their calls and emails to OSP to try to resolve the situation have not been replied to in a timely fashion or in some cases at all.
We have had about 8 or 9 customers get sick of waiting and just drive down to the office in Salem and ask to speak to someone, and in most of those cases the Delay has been resolved within a few days - two were even the same day.
I know it's a complete PITA but if they do not resolve the Delay quickly and you have no luck getting a hold of them via email or phone I would highly recommend visiting them:
  • Oregon State Police
    General Headquarters
    3565 Trelstad Ave SE
    Salem, OR 97317

I did the same when i got delayed mine was fixed before i left salem. i would encourage everyone to do this and may put more pressure on them as people just come see them in person.
I'm still waiting on one from the 13th.
I guess the days of cash and carry are gone. Back in 2007 it was 15 minutes tops. In 2014, I had to wait 3 months. It was so long I'd almost forgot about it, know one could explain why the wait was so long. In 2021 my wife had to wait 3 weeks. Today they said 10 days to 2 weeks.
It's crazy......

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