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Hey everyone I was told about this site from someone on one of the many forums I am part of. I know nothing about this place but intend to find out pretty quick.

Little background on myself I guess is norm?

25 years old 2 kids (girls)...married?...been on my own since I was 17.

I grew up shooting rifles and shotguns with some pistols here and there. 1911's 9mm occasionally and a lot of .44 that is not including shooting friends guns etc.

I just recently purchased an XD .40sc with intent of getting a .357 sig barrel and my CHL.

I intend on carrying IWB after completing my CHL and honing my concealment.

aside from anything gun related I love spending time with my family doing one of if not all of the following.

drinking beer, fishing, watching football, cooking out, camping etc.

Think that is enough for an entrance.
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