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Discussion in 'Outdoor Shooting Areas' started by Pookela, Dec 28, 2015.

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    Greetings , and soon to be Happy New Year!

    I'm a rookie at this type of thing and the age of computer technology still eleudes me at times..... I very recently joined this site to get involved in the "booth set-up" activity on public lands for shooting, I saw on the NWFA site/page. I am very much interested in volunteering my time for these events. I am a local gun club member, but still like to train in areas not controlled by gun club rules. ie: limited distances, limited tactical shooting scernarios, limited rapid fire etc....
    If anyone here can connect me wtih getting involved in providing my services as a volunteer, i would appreciate it.

    Treadd Lightly & Pack Out what You Pack In.... ;)
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    Glad to have you, Pookela. Welcome! We'll be starting up spring activities in just a couple months. You may also be interested in being part of some of the planning efforts (let me know and I can include you with a planning team).

    In the mean time, visit the Volunteer section, Community Outreach, to see some past events and some goals we're moving toward.

    It's a big challenge. But with help of responsible gun owners like you, we can make some headway.



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