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    I recently moved to longview from vancouver and with the realization that I have a heard of elk that frequents my property I have once again been bitten by the bug. I grew up with guns have served in the armed forces for 12 years and have carried (side arm) in my civilian job for the past 9 so I am both proficient and safe. My grandad was a big game guide in alaska for 35 years so I have hunting in my blood. My dad wasn't much of a sportsman though so I grew up with only a taste of hunting etc. The fact of the matter is that my wife has taken out more big game with her car than I have with my rifel. This said I'm looking for hunting companions for the fall. I'm looking for weekend and possibly after work hunts. Also of anyone knows a decent smith in the area that would be great too. I'm also looking to shoot and fish throughout the year. I'm married with older children living in the house (8-15) so family or just the boys works great. I'm 30 so I prefer maturity in my hunting partners but am also young and fun enough to be enjoyable around the fire after the hunt.
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    Welcome, I sure can't hunt this year, that back surgery thing, put me on the sidelines.

    I am just up I-5 in Chehalis, and work a weird rotating shift, so afternoon-evening hunts after work great.

    I have used Jacob Lutz at FireMasters in Cinebar a few times, for little things, he did a good job.

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