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    Hi All,

    I am 50. Used to be a Russian, born and raised in Odessa, it is Ukraine now. Special place. Spent a few years in Afghanistan ~25 years ahead of you, guys. Thought I had enough of loud sounds. My wife is a math tutor and a writer. Not gun people by most attributes. So we thought. But the latest course of history changed it: we were curious about many things, and one of them is why gun ownership image is so negative in mass media. So, as a contrarian, decided to explore and buck the trend. Gave her a S&W Bodyguard 38 revolver for Valentine Day and looking for something to get for myself as well. So far, she is very good at dry firing :). At this stage we are trying to assess our options, what the law is, where to go and things like that..

    Glad to be here,

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    Welcome to the group!

    I have given my wife a gun the last two valentines days, great gifts. There is a great indoor range just off of I-205 in Clackamas called the Public Safety Training Center. It is very safe and run by the Sheriff's office. They have classes or just drop in to shoot. You buy and use their ammo. Wednesday nights is ladies night if your wife would like to shoot around other women.

    Enjoy the site.
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    My wife is foreign born as well and firearms were something she had never been around before. I got her a ruger 10/22 and she's a big fan now.
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    Hello Yuri. We're the same age. Gun Culture guy (from 90 miles North of you) here, it's in my DNA, which is Scottish Highlander and Norman. One of my ancestors stood on Lexington Green, 1775 and heard the shot heard round the world, fired his musket and was shot down by redcoats

    Later that day another one of my family led part of the successful counterattack against the Redcoats at Concord

    My wife is more of a gunner than most US males, her family has been here a long time too. I just finished her latest AR 15 carbine (M4 style) and we're taking it out soon to start breaking it in, and we have new G23 Glocks too

    Welcome to the Gun Culture and to what could well be the verge of a Renaissance of the 2nd Amendment as we continue to recover our lost liberties. As an example, (thanks to some hard working members of this forum) WA State will soon allow us to actually shoot our suppressors here instead of just owning them

    PS: The only dumb gun question is the one you wanted to ask but didn't.. you might get some sarcastic responses as well as help here, but ask away

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