My rant on my day of shooting!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by das_napeth, Jun 19, 2010.

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    I will start off by saying that it was a generally fun day. At first it was fun, shooting stationary clay pigeons at 200yds with a bolt .223. Then the day turned to crap, I prepped my Sig 556 for some tactical type situations. Pop a mag in, Hit the bolt release, shoulder it and squeeze the trigger" click". Nothing happened, dismissed it and yanked on the charging handle again. "Click" So I pull the bolt out and look at the firing pin and it is sheared off. I don't dry fire so it was my buddy who shot it last but get this. It happened on the last round of the mag so no one was the wiser. It had less than 500 rounds through it also. Just an aggravating experience when. Had to blow off some steam so out came the desert eagle and had a blast with that, then some .22's. Sorry for this rant I just needed to bubblegum about the gun not working and about me for not catching the broken firing pin sooner.
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    Sorry to hear of your bad luck.
    I try to look at the good in things when Something not so great happens.
    Now you have a starting point of parts to carry with you.
    Not that it makes it any better but this is how I started to learn I need to take extra parts. I just have an extra ammo can with a few parts of the guns I shoot.
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    Sounds like Sig is going to be doing some warranty work for you. See if they can send you the new firing pin so you can put it in yourself and save the x-number week wait time to send the gun in.

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