MRE's - Food insurance at a reasonable price. *stuff added*

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I've got a bunch of MRE's I'm selling, both A and B menus (more B than A, so please specify which you prefer). Most are 2008 or 2009 manufacture dates, with inspection dates in 2011 and 2012. Selling at the following prices:
1 case - $60
2 cases - $55 each
4 cases - $50 each
6 or more - $45 each

I think I may have a 2006 case in there somewhere... if so, I'll knock $5 off the price of that case. On eBay, these go for at least $70 per case (after you factor in shipping), so buy local and save some cash! Let me know how many you want, or take them all!

ALSO IN STOCK: Individual MRE's, 2006 date code, $4 each or 3 for $10.

***Compared to freeze-dried foods...***
I've noticed that a lot of freeze-dried food companies are claiming that their products provide, for example, 1 month of food for 4 adults at 2 servings per day each... however, when you check the nutritional information for a serving size, the caloric value per serving is between 150 and 350 calories... nowhere near enough to sustain you on a day-to-day basis. These MREs are about 1250 calories per pack, so you could probably survive off of 1 per day, and at 2 per day you have your full caloric value.
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