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I have several sets of two way radios that came from a retail store that closed in the area. I thought these would work well hunting hiking and whatnot. I have sets of 6 cls 1410 with a six bay charger set up belt clips batteries and headsets for $500.
Motorola says that they go up to a 5 miles and have 4 channels. I can break these up into smaller sets with a single charger for each unit around $90 a unit.

I have a handful of the cls1110 2 channel two way radios that I can sell in sets of 2 up to 6 for $75 a unit that includes the headset belt clip and charger.
The cls 1410 requires a fcc license to use legally but I believe they’re easy to apply for on line. I’m not sure about the cls1110.

I’m open to trades Not expecting a gun but maybe parts mags or ammo. I could use 9mm 45acp 223 5.56 6.5 grendel and creedmoor 308 7.62x39.
I live in yelm but do have some work days coming up in the Portland area as well as the Seattle area.

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