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More LPVO Goodness

Recently I've had the thought of getting a 1-6/1-8 x24.
Vortex was a thought, to potentially replace?, not sure, my EO & 3x magnifier.
I've had the EXPS series (3-2/3-4) sold me long ago. The only thing I do not like, the added weight/bulk of the inline magnifier. May as well have a scope? Not necessarily. Depends what you want from your optic array.
It all depends on what you are after in an optic.
I had stopped shooting rifles for a few years and when I got back into it I was pretty surprised that I was no longer able to see targets that well at 100 yards. Forget about 200 yd +
I fiddled with a RD and magnifier on my AR15 and sold it off.

I have 3x9 scopes on bolt actions and could have just slapped one on my AR and called it a day.
I tried a Primary Arms 1x8 ACSS scope on my SR762.
On 1x I can see clearly and have a sharp chevron aiming point. This works better for me over a red dot due to Astigmatism. And I can clearly see milk jugs on 1x at 200 yds.
Works for me..

What also works for me is to crank it to 8x, leave the front cover closed and use it occluded.
Anything farther than I can normally see clearly, just pop open the front cover and it's a modern day miracle, I can see again.
I've only been to about 300 yds but the BDC seemed to work on a 9" round plate with Federal 168gn.
I suppose if you want to be precise, you could look at your handy dandy chart and twist the turret a bit as well.
For myself using the BDC past 300 yds would most likely be a waste of good ammo and I would just adjust it as needed.
The ranging works well also which is handy if your target is say 18" or so wide and about 5"10" tall.
At 100 yds a 9" round plate just fits in the inner circle.
As per the instructions I zeroed it .5" high @ 100 yds using Federal 168gn.

I put a PA 1x6 on my AR15 as well. Works just like the other with a 100 yd zero using 55gn.

For the type of rifles and what I use them for this works out for me.
If I was to do it over I would have gotten ones that have a motion activated reticle instead.
But again, for as much as I use them a battery once a month or so isn't that bad.
Straight up cheep 3x 30mm on my coyote killer. No muss no fuss. Makes those 12 foot to 200 yard shots (when I get busted) as simple as it gets. The 12 footer is when I really learned the importance of having both eyes open for quick acquisition. It does have a BDC. Don’t really see myself needing it for those ranges.
I run a Trijicon 1-4 Accu-Power. The glass is very good, can use it well into dusk and dawn.
I keep wondering if I should have ponied up for that scope. That Vortex LE/.Mil discount is hard not to look at. I’ve been kinda meh on Vortex, but this seems like it fits my needs ok. But I still wish I had the money for the Trijicon.



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