National More Guns In Cars Mean More Guns Stolen From Cars

Yep!!! Pretty much goes without saying. A Vehicle that looks like it's belongs to a shooter, likely does. Just like a Cop Car is most likely just exactly that! Either that or the Driver is a "Wannabe". The Joy Rides are looking for a car/truck/or whatever is just what they are looking for and a Firearm or Six is just so much of a PLUS.

I gave said it before for on here so I'm just repeating myself "Leaving a Firearm or Six in your Vehicle is just plain Stupid and Asking for Trouble! It's the Old story -- there is NO Cure got Stupid!!!:mad::mad::mad: And, the just make the rest if us look Bad.
I’ll probably catch heck, but if you leave your gun in your car at least get a secure way of storing it.
I agree. 20 years ago I had 4 guns stolen out of my truck. I was literally 20 feet away at a friend's apartment, the truck was locked, and the guns out of sight. I will never again leave something of value in a vehicle if there's any way to avoid it. The thought of what some criminal was doing with my gun was a lot worse than the financial loss. I did get one of them back; the cops caught some 18yo punk in a stolen car with my stolen gun under the seat.

I absolutely despise thieves. You hear the stories of Muslim countries that chop off the hands of thieves; I know it's brutal and overboard, but to be honest I have a hard time feeling very sorry for the thief.

More recently a friend of mine was in Seattle at a concert. He had a couple handguns and some cash in a lock box in his truck, which was locked AND had an alarm. He come out to find the window broke, the lock box pried open, and everything gone.

It's up to us to keep our guns out of the hands of criminals.
I doubt the claim made in the title. In order to make a believable claim they need to provide tables on a year by year basis for the locations they referred to - not just give one or two years of data. Also, consider the source - Nevada Public Radio - probably antis. IF more guns are being stolen it does not necessarily mean it is because there are more guns in cars - there could be more thieves, there could be way more cars (been on a freeway lately?), our open borders may be a factor, our exploding population may be a factor. I say the article proves nothing. ;)

Another article by NPR - I suspect they are antis.

From the article concerning Connecticut:
{After the Virginia Tech shootings of 2007, he says enforcement increased dramatically.
"And so when we looked at it from 2007 and beyond, [gun suicides] decreased by 13.7 percent," Kivisto said.}

They provided no data - perhaps it is in the pay-walled article? The claim is refuted by data found here - the rate of firearm suicides appears to be going UP since 2007!

Global Impact of Gun Violence: Firearms, public health and safety

{In Connecticut, the annual rate of firearm suicide per 100,000 population is

2016: 3.087
2015: 2.90
2014: 3.48
2013: 2.56
2012: 3.09
2011: 3.09
2010: 3.08
2009: 2.61
2008: 3.07
2007: 2.21
2006: 2.25
2005: 3.19
2004: 3.00
2003: 2.55
2002: 2.46
2001: 3.35
2000: 3.32
1999: 3.28}

Similarly, in Indiana, the rate of gun suicide appears to be going UP:
Source: Global Impact of Gun Violence: Firearms, public health and safety

{Rate of Gun Suicide per 100,000 People
In Indiana, the annual rate of firearm suicide per 100,000 population is

2016: 8.917
2015: 7.81
2014: 8
2013: 7.96
2012: 7.85
2011: 6.31
2010: 7.02
2009: 7.09
2008: 7.00
2007: 6.14
2006: 6.98
2005: 6.63
2004: 6.18
2003: 6.75
2002: 7.28
2001: 6.71
2000: 6.76
1999: 6.09}

Typical articles written by antis, claiming something bad about guns that is not true, and knowing that their readers will spout this crap every time they have the opportunity. ;)
Yes, but it can't go both ways. Making it even more restrictive to carry your gun into places legally forces people who end up someplace unexpectedly throughout the day.

That is the true loophole in the legal system. Yes, you have the right to carry. You just can't carry anyplace.


I remember when we could have rifles visible on a rack in our pickups and park them in our driveways or downtown La Grande w/o worry. (Not so much in the woods tho. Damn thievin hunters!)

<Sigh> Things change. My truck box got broken into just a few years back and tools stolen. And we live in what used to be a 55 or older community. Now my house is all lit up like Las Vegas strip and I have to worry about climate change! :mad:


In my neck of the woods we do a lot of shooting.

Seems to keep the thieving riff-raff at bay...
In the early '70s, I lived in a really old section of Pomona CA... in a big old 2 story house that was well hidden by trees. We had Vatos bike gang living across the alley behind us and it was known as a high crime area. We started the practice of intermittently and randomly shooting from the second story into the ground outside. We were well hidden, so nobody know where the shots were coming from, but the thieves and other BGs stayed away from that scary house. What outlaws we were!!!:eek: (But at one of our parties we had to station friends outside because people were coming out the front door with our stuff!:rolleyes:)
Consider the source of the link....KNPR. It's not much different than saying that when at a restaurant, somebody will spill a glass of water. That's the logic they use when stringing their narrative together. Will they ever talk about how many people were saved by good guys with guns? Not likely. They are just preaching to the choir.

Black Dog

Have you ever noticed that the Red Flag Law never seems to be used on school shooters that are known problems. It seems to me if you are under 20-21 your not a real problem until it's to late. This last one in Colorado a lot of the kids new the 18 year old was a nut and had said so. But nothing was done about him until BANG!
that's like saying more people flying more guns found during boarding. but they play it as something bad. like more people driving so duis should be up but the cops are to busy doing minor things to justify a felony


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