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National Wealth Gap Leads to Guns Killing More Every Year since '14.


Guns have killed 10% more teenagers and young adults every year since 2014 as the growing wealth gap drives more poor Americans to violence,...

Guns, not people ....

  • Gun deaths rose 10% each year among people between 15 and 44
  • Annual gun fatalities rose 3.8% a year among babies and kids under 14 after 2009
  • Meanwhile, the majority of overall gun deaths are actually suicides but these are driven by white males in the US.
BUT ?!

So long as it is white males, when not guns.

Wealth Gap
  • 'It's the widening of the economic gap that leads to increasing poverty among the younger folks [that's] translating into violence,' Dr Kalesan said.

  • 'If it's all about gun laws, we can't legislate ourselves out of the problem or shoot ourselves out of it,' said Dr Kalesan.
  • 'We're advancing all these tiny laws that really have no effect...[they're like] trying to patch up the windows and the attic windows - but the main door and the back door are open.'
  • Don't prescribe things to people that don't have enough money to do them.'

I don't see any link from the Health Editor, to any of the original research or reports.


Both that article, and the highlights of that study read like a 3rd grader wrote them.

Anyone who isn't an idiot or a filthy commie (also an idiot) knows that the wealth disparity between young and everyone else is because the older you are, the more wealth you've collected (if you have got any sense).

The "wealth gap" is increasing because it's easier to make more money the more money you have. If theres two people, one has $1,000,000 and $100, and they both put it in the market, in a decade, they will have around $2,000,000 and $200. The gap widened, but the millionaire making more, didnt make the other make less.



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