Manchin to do reverse filibuster since Senate doesn't read bills :-)

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    This is getting to be more and more like a Roman circus. The Politicians just want to hear themselves speak. Each side is so entrenched there is no debate, it's decided by who gets the biggest media circus the the people be damned. LA Times just reported the Monday Manchin is going to review his - and Toomey's - bill section by section in an effort to be sure all sides understand what it means. If true I applaud him for the effort, but the reality is I don't think Schumer give a rip what's said. He doesn't want our intend to negotiate. Wonder what Gottlieb is thinking now about revealing his hand or does he have something up his sleeve we don't see. Wonder where the RINOs like McCain and Graham will end up (in the toilet I hope).

    Manchin's plan for explaining gun proposal: 'The longer the better' -

    All this because the Libs want to "re-educate" as Constitutional heathens that the documents is a "living document" subject to changes at the whim of the majority. Idiots!!!!

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