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National Senate Dems Write Warning to SCOTUS

Senate Dems are warning the SCOTUS to not take up cases related to firearms rights, starting with the New York gun transporting case, because it would show the court as “Not being well and in need of restructuring”. :s0117:

And this is where you can see what Democrats still have some respect for America. Azzholes like Corey Booker have said they are open to expanding the court if they’re elected. That is scary. Elect me and I’ll restructure SCOTUS so I can run roughshod over all that oppose me, er, us!

Even RBG and Bernie Sanders think this is a bad idea.

User 1234

The “court packing plan” has been threatened before and never materialized. Many independent voters in swing states hopefully see this for what it is; an attempt to dismantle the Constitution’s separation of powers, and work hard to keep these democrats out of the White House.

Cerberus Group

With that, the constitution as we know it has been lost. It no longer has the power for which it was intended to do. It can can be stomped on at will.

It's not about what is constitutional, ideologies are now ruling our nation.

Those on the left have talked about not being able to decipher the constitution because we are not constitutional scholars, But then, when was the last time anyone saw a 9-0 decision? Even those on the bench can't agree on the constitution.



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