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Mall ninja 12 guage ammo question

Quick question,

Are door breaching rounds overkill for my SHTF loadout?

On my plate carrier I will have 2 molle 12 gauge ammo pouches that hold 10 rds each.
I am thinking 10 rds 00 buck 5 slugs and 5 breaching rounds..

Any opinions?

Any other suggestions?
One must be careful what you use for ammo, when involved in a critical incident. i would use something more mainstream and available, and not something that is a gimmicky mess.

Look at Federal's Tactical Precision Buckshot with the Flitecontrol wadding. Keeps the shot in the wad until it contacts the target. Less chance of stray pellets hitting something you don't want to.

For lock breakers etc., look at Def-Tec stuff.......
Why waste the money on breaching rounds??? You can get yourself some cheap 00 buck shot, and run a knife around the shell about 3/4 of way down cutting through just the outside plastic shell. You dont have to run it completly through. (but pretty darn close) It will all stay together until it hits something, and it really explodes on impact. Its like a slug... until it makes contact with an object.. :s0155: Try it...


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