Making a SBR in WA?

The internets have lead me to believe I have to have a WA dealer “make” my SBR to be state compliant on a new build. Is this true? If so, does anyone have experience with this? Can I just supply them with the lower then have them shipped the upper? I have a retro AR-15 lower that I would like to build but want to make sure I am legal before acquiring the rest.
I don't think that's right. It may be close though as the FFL may help you with the tax stamp paperwork. I don't know for sure so I am here for answers as well. I've been contemplating a couple SBR's.
That's the way it was, I have been gone for a year so I have no idea if the law has changed. I had Rainer Arms in Auburn build my SBR... They used an upper I already had I bought one of there lowers so no engraving was required (there name and info is already on the lower so nothing has to be added as the "builder"

I think they charged me $100 for "building" my SBR which really was mounting a buffer tube and stock and snapping my upper on it...
A dealer does not need to make the SBR for you. YOU would send in a Form 1 (application to make a NFA firearm) to the ATF listing the specs you’ll initially make the gun to. Wait till you got the stamp approved and in hand (4-6mos wait currently), then you can legally build the rifle.
That’s the cliff note version of what you need to do. It’s actually a bit more complicated.
Heres a link to ARF where there’s a ton more info for you to research.
Short Barreled Rifles (SBR) - AR15.COM

WA state law doesn’t have anything to do with it anymore. That was a very brief period of time where there was an interpreted difference in what the law said, but that was clarified and now falls in line with federal law.
I had my 85 Tula Krinkov built sent in he paper work and used my trunnion numbers for cereal number. Got my stamp and the just put my stock on. But... I was one of the first and I guess i squeaked by the law some how. I’m ledgit and legal so sorry guess you can build your own just don’t put the stock on tell you have the stamp
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The other way around is build it up as a pistol first--that way you can do mechanical testing while you wait and make sure it all works as planned.

If I were building an SBR with a telestock, I'd use a PWS ratcheting endplate to make changing the buffer tubes easier when the time comes, or if LAW Tactical would sell the spare parts buy one of their adapters and a spare back-half so all I need to do is unscrew and pull the hinge pin, yank the pistol rear-end off, put the rifle one on and screw the pin back in. (I like the PWS endplate because it eliminates the need to stake things.)
Its easier then building a form 1 can. I did a few back when you could use a trust. Cant do that now without the pic and fingerprint and LE process. Just get or use one or more of your lowers for the make and serial #'s, think up a new serial # for the paperwork, fill out the form and use e-file. Its a little faster. Send ATF the app and $200 for each one. Once the stamp is approved get the new info engraved on the receiver and your good to go. Use a short barrel length, like 6-8" on the app. You can always amend to longer if you want.
If memory serves ...

Submit your Form One, (1). Pay the $200 bucks. Get fingerprinted, x-rayed, shot peened and micro polished. Send in Pass Port Photos also. Wait up to one, (1) year. Wait. Wait some more.

Local law enforcement authority no longer needed for sign offs. We however do notify our White Hat Sheriff.

They now have electronical applications? We have not done that yet. Somebody explain it please? Thank you.

Finally some day in the foggy distant future you will receiver your Form One tax stamp. Permission to manufacture your own SBR. Short Barrel Rifle. You will need to engrave the thing also.

You may not get a physical tax stamp with the electronical applications. Just a letter accepting your SBR on the NFA lists.

Your choice on the receiver, frame or barrel(s). Plural barrels. You need to provide specific barrel length and overall length BUT once you get the form 1 tax stamp SBR receiver you can run multiple barrels.

Also different SBR upper groups. Multi caliber. We had a nice lady engrave our receiver. This was with our 10-22 receiver.

All must be under 16 inches. Overall under 27"? The engraving must be at least 3/16 inch tall and about .100 deep. Do not hold me to that. Directions provide specifics. SBR. Caliber. Name, City, State.

That is the Fed requirements. I do not know WA requirements. Have fun. If you start thinking about a CAN remember the AR15 busts back gas. They make special charging handles.


You can also legally just run that SBR lower receiver as an ordinary AR15 rifle or carbine. Back and forth. A big advantage with the AR15 platform. Also different tops. Also different calibers.


All Oregon State, US Code Laws And NFA Rules Apply.
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