M39 mosin, first day at the range

Discussion in 'Curio & Relic Discussion' started by BrotherGlacius, Aug 31, 2015.

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    Finally got a chance to shoot my M39. What a difference between it and my old 1891. This gun shot like a dream. I knew that the gun was going to be sighted somewhere out around 100 yards, so I didn't even bother working the 50 yard targets and went straight for 100yd distance. As it was, I basically put the sight at the bottom of the large circle in order to hit near center.

    uCzoA96lm2MBdQXXcUXkP7olR5fSaULEGpGCIw1kOSA=w358-h633-no.jpg My first 15 rounds when into this target. I was shooting over iron sights, so I thought this was pretty good for the first go around. The shots in and around the small targets came later.

    My next set was a little more consistent I think.
    DC9h1ctMX8GZZ1CTrXMSM3KC0PvNMQsgNc5oix64-QA=w358-h633-no.jpg Again, these were at 100 yards over iron sights. I started getting a little cocky and tried for the small targets. At the distance though, I couldn't really see them, so I just guessed at where to shoot. For some reason the bottom left target gave me all sorts of trouble.

    I was using milsurp ammo for most of it. I really enjoyed shooting this gun and can't wait to take it out to the 200yard range next.
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    Where's the gun p0rn?
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    Great shooting. Looking forward to taking my new Finns for a spin. I'm hoping for similar results.

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